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  1. deerman


    like to spend time hatching a few, rhea ,emu,or ostrich, hatch rhea and ostrich b4 ,but not emu, about the same.
  2. deerman

    New Residents - 1 Escapee

    my guess he found some hen, could even be chicken or etc. peahen make a lower call.
  3. deerman

    This Is Why I Have Nets Over My Birds !!!!!

    those are black vulture and they will kill live animal , now turkey vulture are shy and will not go ater anything moving or alive, redtail hawks don't normal go after birds, they will but more like small animal
  4. deerman

    Humidty Too High During Days 1-18

    no need to check air cell now...just the three time on that chart. Little Giant incubators accurite i got @ Wal Mart reads temp. and humidity, also high and low of both so you know how high or low was thru the hatch,
  5. deerman

    Green Club

    yep that the one , now for EM address
  6. deerman

    Green Club

    how about one of those fox bats you know vampire like bats oh they have fur ,tails and big ears all you ask for. not a man or woman
  7. deerman

    Green Club

    wonder what the USPS charge to ship a baby elephant.
  8. deerman

    Cock : Hen ratio?

    two up to 6 , peahen not like chicken they pick the male . peacock not like a rooster that just rapes the hens, he win the hen over by his displaying
  9. deerman

    Humidty Too High During Days 1-18

    checking the air cell is the best, i have two new accurite one read 26% the other47% humidity. lot of hatch problems are people don't know true temp. or humidity are in the incubator...i have great result at 47%. sound like you will have a good hatch......LG are hard to hatch in, plus...
  10. deerman

    Green Club

    well Em wants peafowl eggs, and Red is all way wanting new pets.
  11. deerman

    Anyone up for a Hatchalong?

    yes maybe we can do some trading, anymore peachicks hatch ? mine started laying couple hens
  12. deerman

    Is our new house guest anything special?

    yes keep him in the coop, looks like a grizzal color not almond. find it a mate and start flying pigeon
  13. deerman

    what do u get when u mix these 2

    understand. like i forgot he was two copies white eye.
  14. deerman

    How to encourage roosting in the coop?

    pen them in the coop for a few nights, so they will want to go back
  15. deerman

    I want to get some plain pigeons but very hard to find

    some also shoot the pigeon after they flush for the dogs . but most will not tell you that, it is legal to do also
  16. deerman

    what do u get when u mix these 2

    the white daughters will be purple mask by the white. you got this wrong the male is a white mask purple so with a white hen =all white chick. male white chick split purple , female white will be purple mask
  17. deerman


    deerman Location: Southern Ohio Joined: 8/2008 Posts: 9,473 online i would like to try hatching any of these , i have in the past. but how well do they take shipping. I have GQF sportsman ,hatchrite , roll-x and other incubators so looking for eggs
  18. deerman

    Baby Emu's Boys or girls?

    SORRY wrong thread
  19. deerman

    Anyone up for a Hatchalong?

    i want some eggs to hatch !!!