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  1. AChickenBoi

    Fireworks Season Not Enjoyed by All

    It’s real crazy over here! I personally don’t like the noise and just put on earbuds to drown out the sound, but it’s not as simple for chickens :(
  2. AChickenBoi

    First egg

    Shadow layed her first egg!!
  3. AChickenBoi

    Blue with his bow tie on

    My family and I were in a rush to get to a member’s birthday party, and I didn’t have time to take one where both of their faces could be seen :(. They often do go over there so I can take one another time.
  4. AChickenBoi

    Blue with his bow tie on

    Yup! He and Shadow went off to hang out by the Little Rock water fountain in the backyard almost immediately after I set him down! :D
  5. AChickenBoi

    Blue with his bow tie on

    My silkie roo, Blue, just got his bow tie put on. The bow itself has a Velcro attachment that sticks to his no-crow collar, so it’s not tied onto him :))
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    Comment by 'AChickenBoi' in item 'Plymouth Rock'

    A Sapphire Gem? I got one, Although she’s only a month old- a little older. Sapphire Gem is just the fancy way to call them that, from what I know.
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    My Sapphire and Barred rock chicks/tweens

    These are my two other babies (Blue and Shadow are sleeping in the back), my Sapphire Gem is named Rocky, and my Barred Rock is named Olive. I might post a few pics of the whole flock.
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    How to repel hawks and other predators from area?

    I know for sure it was a hawk. I live in a big Neighborhood where it would be impossible for a coyote or fox to get far without being 1. Mauled to death by big dogs, or 2. Being sighted and hunted down by the neighborhood watch. Even if it did get that far in, it would have fun getting into my...
  9. AChickenBoi

    Your very last chicken... what would it be?

    I honestly don’t know. The breed I’ve had the best experience with are silkies (my RIR was an a-hole, and my barred rock and sapphire gem are just month old chicks), and even then, I had to let go of a couple because they were aggressive roos, so that’s always fun. I want to try out a few breeds...
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    How to repel hawks and other predators from area?

    one of my chicks got killed by an unknown predator. I’m pretty sure it was a hawk that got her, as they are a common occurrence, there were only a few feathers left and no body, and very little cats are seen in my neighborhood. If it wasn’t a hawk, and rather the very little chance it was a cat...
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    Comment by 'AChickenBoi' in item 'Easter Eggers'

    I’ve been thinking about getting one in the future, I love their appearance (gorgeous birds), I’m just on the fence about how vocal and friendly they can be.
  12. AChickenBoi

    What kind of Castrations are available to adolescent roosters?

    Thank you uwu. I know I should calm down, if nothing works, then I’ll just let Blue go and do rooster things (as long as she/he doesn’t wake up half of the neighborhood) :)
  13. AChickenBoi

    What kind of Castrations are available to adolescent roosters?

    Help! I have raised this blue silkie chick from only a week old, and I love ‘her’ to bits! She is 5-6 months old now and had started crowing and showing rooster behavior. This is starting up a week after we gave our RIR ‘hen’ to a friend who lives on a ranch. We cannot afford to have neighbors...
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    Hi there!

    Hi! I’m new here! I am pretty new to raising chickens but I plan on getting better as the months/years go by. I currently have 2 silkies (5-6 months of age), 2 barred rock chicks, and a sapphire gem chick, which all three are about 3-5 weeks of age. I am usually shy and a little awkward (even...