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    Sorry, that comment was meant for Kajira...
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    Deal Tumbling K!!!!
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    Hi all. I just found this thread and think its really cool. I am located in Somerville Texas. I have had chickens since April, and really enjoy it. So far, I have 11 guineas (8 hens/3 roo's), 5 rir hens, 5 black australorps (2 roo/3 hens), 3 cochin bantams(1 roo/2 hens), 2 easter eggers (both...
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    Texas Swap Austin/College Station/Brenham/Sealy/Houston

    Hi all. I am getting an incubator and have my pens all set up. I plan on hatching black australorps, blue cochin bantams & ameraucanas, May end up also having silver laced Wyandotte's and buff orpingtons. If anyone is interested in baby chicks or even having me hatch any eggs, pls let me know.
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    When to start feeding layer feed?

    Meep, Thank You SOOOOO Much!!!! I actually just finished reading another thread (sorry about over asking this question) but it seems like everyone almost does something different. It can be really difficult to a new person like myself to know if I am doing something correct. I really really do...
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    When to start feeding layer feed?

    Hi. Not trying to piggy back on this thread, but I have a coop of mixed aged birds. Some are 6-7 weeks old, and others should start laying here soon. Is it ok to feed them all the same thing, like the starter/grower and then change to the laying feed? I also have guineas in the mix.I just want...
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    First time coop building - wood types

    This is a good thread. I am about to start on the adventure of building a bigger coop (12x30), and this will help a lot.
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    4 White Leghorn Roo's

    Hello all. I have 4 white leghorn roo's that were born May 4th that I am looking to trade for a hen or 2. Open to any hen that is good at egg production. Located in the Bryan/College Station/Somerville Tx area.- Local pickup/drop off only
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    Eggs just hatched under broody hen

    Congrats on the new babies!!-
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    Here we go again. What Sex are my EE.

    Such beautiful colors, i think thats why i like having chickens so much.
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    Cooling chicken coop in HOT weather?

    I saw that also but wasnt sure how it worked. Thanks for the link.
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    Easter egger roo or hen?

    I think its a hen. I am some what new, so curious to see what others say. Beautiful colors tho.
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    Is it a Cochin of some sort??

    Very adorable. I would love to see what it looks like as it gets older. Can you keep us updated with pics?
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    Blue Cochin

    They are very beautiful birds.
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    Blue Cochin

    AH, ok. That makes sense. I will try to post a pic of mine. They just seem really miniature.
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    What treat did your chickies get today?

    So i am located here in texas and decided to feed some cold watermelon to my girls & roos. Needless to say i dont know who ate morem me or them. But we all really enjoyed them.
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    Blue Cochin

    I have 3 blue cochins and they were born May 14th and are still very small. Maybe the size of a softball. Is that normal?? Mine looks way smaller than Yaya's.
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    Cooling chicken coop in HOT weather?

    Awesome thread right here. It has been in the high 90's already. Going to try the shade cloth & of course the frozen water bottles. Great advice, i love it here.
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    Gender, the dreaded EasterEggers.

    Looks like you have an awesome lil flock there. I have 2 EE's. I was hoping one would be a roo & the other a hen. They are both about 2 months old. The last few weeks, Bingo (that's the name the lil neighbor boys gave him), has been starting to try and crow, so it worked out perfect. Also, the...