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  1. pekinduck<3er

    Beautiful Cayuga Male

    I have a Beautiful Cayuga Male that we just can't have anymore because he's harassing one Duck in our small flock in particular. I'm sure he wouldn't do this to anyone else's ducks. He's just been picking on her constantly and we fear for her life so he's free if you can pick him up at our...
  2. pekinduck<3er

    Male Duck Bullying Female

    Hiya, I've been having some trouble with one of my ducks to which I have kept them all together in one big coop(May be a little crowed but still good). My male Cayuga duck was brought up with two other ducklings when he first came to our home, he grew up with a White Layer that was the same age...
  3. pekinduck<3er

    ❦The Game of Thrones RolePlay❦

    ❦The Game of Thrones RolePlay❦ (This is a Thread I have been carefully making, Please Enoy.) ~PLOT~ In the Beginning, three men from the Night's Watch will appear. They left the Night's Watch to go on a Wall Patrol to see if there was any Wildlings around to attack. They rode their horses...
  4. pekinduck<3er

    Help! My Duck..Somethings Wrong!

    Okay, I really need Help!.. I'm freaking out..My Blue Swedish hen is acting very weird..Meaning, when my Dad went out to feed the ducks she tried to run under the door that's like a quarter of her Height! And usually she runs up like the rest of my Duckies..But that was a week or two ago..And...
  5. pekinduck<3er

    Need some Help with the New Ducklings..

    Well..Everything is fine..except one of my Ducklings had bubbles coming about of her nose...Is something very wrong!? And when she shook her head when we picked her up she slunged kind of goey food that had come from her mouth..Help?
  6. pekinduck<3er

    So Many Depressing Things..But a New Beginning.

    So...I think i'll just Start from the Very Beginning. When it all started, I didn't even like Ducks..I just didn't. I didn't have any interest in them all becuase I didn't even know you could have them as pets! Well...My little cousin, Ruby, got herself 2 little Pekin Ducklings from the Feed...
  7. pekinduck<3er

    Freaking out...Too Loud!

    Okay, so I have some Ducks. 4 Actually. 2 are Cayugas, 1 is a Buff, and 1 is a Blue Swedish. I have had ducks before, but these ducks are waayy too loud! My male Cayuga is quiet of course, becuase he only makes his raspy calls. But my females. Ooohh, they are another story! My Buff female is...
  8. pekinduck<3er

    ~The Zombie Outbreak Rp~!*Highschool of the Dead*!~

    The Story of the First~ Hana who was really some of the people who knew there was Zombies about in their unsuspecting town. She was at her school when 2 teenage boy zombies came to the gate. Five teachers came out and did not know of the Zombies. One teacher, a P.E. Tacher grabbed one of the...
  9. pekinduck<3er

    *~Hippocampi Rp~* ^Look Here^

    Welcome to the Bay of the Hippocampis! Rules~ -Follow the BYC Rules! -No Cussing! -No Using the Lords Name in View! -No Stuff Describing about When Your Hippocampi Gets Pregnant!*If* -No Gory Stuff When Fighting! -One post Per Blow! -Do NOT Control Someone Elses Character! ~~ Info: ~ Any...
  10. pekinduck<3er

    Is there one? *Look here*

    Is their a *Single(Main)* Unicorn Rp?
  11. pekinduck<3er

    ~*Owls of Ga'Hoole*~ *New Members :)* *New Video for it!*

    About This~ This is a Role Play, that is based on the Book Series "Guardians of Ga'hoole". If you have read it,fine,that would make this a whole lot more fun! But if you haven't,that's fine! It'll still be fun,and exciting! But this is about Owls that live in forest(Mainly the Forest Kingdom of...
  12. pekinduck<3er

    :D The Joke Thread :) Post here Vids,Pics,Quotes :D Come'on :D

    The Joke Thread! Here I'll post the funniest things of the Day! OKay soo try Hard! Make me Pee my pants luaghing so Hard!(literally XD) Come on my Peeps! I'll start! HELP ME!!! if anybody finds this, the purple penguins and the evil gummy bears r holding me against my Will, whoever finds...
  13. pekinduck<3er

    *~!Hanada's Life!~A Story of a Girls Grim Life*

    (I was just Bored and I know I already posted this on another thread but I was bored ) Prologue Hanada jumped on her Mare barebacked and kicked sharply and she rushed forward leaving a puff of dust behind. She smirked as the wind blew in her bleach blonde hair,her straight hair now whipping in...
  14. pekinduck<3er

    *!~Gamers come here~!*

    The Gamers Room If you are a Gamer(Meaning you have a Dsi,Ds,Xbox360,Or PS3) come here and rant! One thing..Post if you have online so yu can connect with other memebers life with the Xbox360 or the PS3.. __________________ PS3 Players~ Username:pekinduck<3er Gender:Girl User...
  15. pekinduck<3er

    What do you guys think??

    I know e have alot of RP's but I think someone should make a wild Dog RP NOT a wolf Rp.IF your comments are rude.plz save us the trouble and DON'T post on here Thanx
  16. pekinduck<3er

    ~*Honey's Life*~ A Story of a Duck

    Chapter 1~ A peep could be Heard from the now,shaking egg.Midnight a Mallard Duck mother was now smiling at the hatching egg."come on" she said smoothly.The egg shook and a crack could be heard and more peeping.A big hole was in the egg,and tons of Shattered egg peices were laying in the nest...
  17. pekinduck<3er


    Hey to all those RPeres out there Could you guys me some ideas on and RP i could make on here?Any ideas would work (And if your comments neggative dont write on here!)
  18. pekinduck<3er

    ~Bleach RP~ ^Look Here^ Update :) Now their are more members :D

    Welcome to Bleach!(Yes I know Alot About the Anime) __________ Karakura Town~ The home town of Ichigo Kurosaki. It seems to be a small city with an average population that resembles the real world. Humans that live in Karakura Town are unaware of the ghosts and spiritual forces that live there...
  19. pekinduck<3er

    What ducklings cannot eat and can eat~

    Post here what not to give ducklings as treats and what you can give them when their ducklings!I'm desperately loking for answers and heres the best place to ask! Also I have a question..............I found some little purple berries in the woods....Is it safe for them to eat?Any advice is...
  20. pekinduck<3er

    Who Are Getting Some Ducklings Soon?

    Post here when are what types you are getting and what hatchery their from! Also if you already have the ducklings post pics lol Mine are coming august 29th and are going to be at my house probably 31st-1st and im getting 2 ducklings both females and 1 is a cayuga and 1 is a blue swedish.Im...
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