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  1. tk10

    Surprise chicks gender/breed

    I received a Cackle surprise and at a month old, I'm trying to decide which to keep, which to sell. Most will be sold. 1st up, barred, clean legged, probably barred Plymouth rock. I think pullet, can you confirm?
  2. tk10

    Is this shrink wrapped?

    Button quail. I started with 6 viable eggs on day 10 of handling. I have had 1 hatch on day 19. The others had movement but now nothing. It's been more than 24 hours since the one hatched. I haven't had a lot of luck keeping just 1 alive, but I'll try. So for educational purposes, I'm trying to...
  3. tk10

    Geese, ducks

    I have 2 Sebastopol, 2 saddleback Pomeranian, 2 Toulouse and many assorted ducklings to rehome. I'm located in South East Wisconsin. Reasonable prices, friendly birds. The Sebastopol will be $60 each, the Pomeranian will be $30 each, and the Toulouse will be $15 each. All are bonded but I'm...
  4. tk10

    Assorted cuteness

    These are a few of my unknown assorted ducklings. These are 11 days old except for the 2 smallest which are 4 days old. I'll post the rest of the 4 day olds in the next pic. I know 3 are Rouen, 1 is crested. The rest I don't know though I think 2 of the littlest are fawn and black runners. Any...
  5. tk10

    11 week old crew

    2 amberlinks, 1 white leghorn, 1 barred Rock, and 1 production red. I think I have 3 stews. I mean roos. What do you think?
  6. tk10

    Gosling ID

    Hello, I have a 2 week old gosling, hatchery choice. I believe she is female, but I do not know what type she is. Maybe Embden? She is pure yellow with no other shading, but hey eyes are really dark and do not look blue. Kinda fun trying to guess! Also, if anyone has day old gosling or ducks in...
  7. tk10

    Newbie here!

    Hi, I'm Traci, I'm a high school science teacher and am seriously considering a couple of backyard chickens. I just today hatched out a button quail in an incubator. Only 1 so far, but I have a few more coming I think.
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