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  1. allison finch

    Hen with swollen side of head and sore in mouth

    I found one of my hens with the side of her head swollen. The eye was even swollen partially shut. The swelling is very firm. I checked in her mouth and found a deep canker-like sore on the inside of the back of her bottom beak. I don't know how to treat it. She seems to have a fever. I swabbed...
  2. allison finch

    what to do with eggs during worming

    I just wormed my birds with Wazine, today. I know I can't eat the eggs. Is it for 2 weeks? Can I scramble the eggs and feed them to the chickens? After all, the eggs will contain what the birds were given, right? I just hate throwing them away, if they can be of some protein benefit to my birds.
  3. allison finch

    Just saw a fox hunting near my coop!!

    Dang thing couldn't get to my chickens, so he hunted other game....the rascal!
  4. allison finch

    YEAH!! FINALLY! First eggs

    My silkie/cochin crosses finally started laying. Their songs are loud and long! On the first day, I found two tiny eggs. Over a couple of days, they have gotten a bit bigger. The first two in one day, in the nest with plastic eggs; The second egg The progression. The top left is the...
  5. allison finch

    Do roos sing the egg song???? NEW PHOTOS!!

    OK, I have a three month old EE that I beleive is a roo. While he does not crow, yet, He has feathering that suggests roo. Yes, I will try to get updted photos to post, for everyones viewing. Well, today I heard a LOUD trio of birds singing the egg song. I knew two of my silkie/cochin crosses...
  6. allison finch

    OMG!! A fox mated with my favorite hen!! Egg hatched! Wierd chick!

    OMG!! A fox mated with my hen!! I decided to incubate the resulting egg. It is a weird chick!!
  7. allison finch

    Pullet has discovered her BIG voice. Eggs soon?

    My cochin/silkie girl demonstrated her first big voice today. She has been "clucking" awile but today had her first BAK BAK BAK BA-GAWK!!And boy was it loud and long. Is this the egging song? Does it mean she may be laying soon? She was given to me and, although very young, I'm not exactly sure...
  8. allison finch

    I'm really hoping this EE isn't a roo <PICS>

    Help me out. This was sold as a pullet, but kaka happens. She spars with the rest of the pullets, but flares her neck feathers unlike the other sparring pullets. She looked like a rumpy when she was younger, but her tail is growing out thinner and curlier that the other EE's. She is somewhat...
  9. allison finch

    Please help with this---Pullet gasping for breath

    I had a pullet come down with cocci and I have been treating her. She has made, what appears to be, a wonderful recovery. I have been giving sulmet/water and probiotics to the rest of the flock that has been in contact with the sick one. This morning, I found a second pullet with the same...
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