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  1. domromer

    Old English Games are the most belligerent birds on earth!

    Here they are trying to stay up way past their bedtime...on top of a six foot fence of course!
  2. domromer

    introducing bantam pullets to my full size hens.

    My Old english game bantamss are 7 weeks old, even though they are a 1/4 the size of my Rhode islands I think it's time they joined the main flock. In the past I've snuck the birds out at night and set them on the perch with the other girls and it seemed to work. I'm nervous due to the huge size...
  3. domromer

    Picks of some teenage birds and a good looking rooster.

    The pics below are Rhode Island Reds and Ameracunas.
  4. domromer

    Day old American Game Birds in the same Broder with older birds?

    Last Tuesday I got my first set of birds and the American Game bantams arrive at the feed store tomorrow. Is 1.5 weeks to big of an age difference to house bantams and regular chicks?
  5. domromer

    Poultry Photo Gallery

    I just added a photo Gallery for Poultry to my website. Thought you guys might enjoy it.
  6. domromer

    Cool magazine Urban Farms

    I just found a really cool magazine called Urban Farms. Here's a link for it.
  7. domromer

    The chicken whisperer radio show.

    Have you guys heard this radio show about keeping chickens?
  8. domromer

    Chick will not be quiet!!!!!

    I just picked up for more chicks a few days ago. All the chicks are nice and calm but one. It will not stop crying. I don't no what the deal is. All the rest are calm and serene. They've got food, water, and their bedding and heat is all taken care off. I put the radio in there so they could...
  9. domromer

    Giving chickens 24/7 access to a run?

    Last year I built a duck house but now we are getting chickens to live in it. It's pretty much the same as a chicken house except I'll need to add a perch and the ducks food and water was kept in a super secure outside run so they wouldn't mess there house up as they are very messy drinkers. So...
  10. domromer

    All of the sudden lots of feathers in the duck house?

    Yesterday my wife mentioned that there was lots of loose feathers in the ducks house. I didn't really think much of it until I went out today. The whole floor is capetered in feathers! Usually there are no feathers in there. My ducks are 8 and 9 weeks old. Do ducks have a final feather blowout...
  11. domromer

    American Game Bantams??

    It's only July and I'm already thinking of next years flock!!! I have been reading some books lately and American Game Bantams have peaked my interest. My book says they are usually friendly, good mothers and generally very hardy. I like the looks of them as well. I was wondering if some other...
  12. domromer

    How do we treat CRD?

    My oldest duck Samson was the only duck to survive out of a shipment of 10. He seemed to be doing fine but is now showing signs of CRD. For a while he was coughing but that stopped. Now he is the smallest by far even though he is the oldest and his feathers are all ratty and thin. What should I do?
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