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  1. ourltlflock

    Using all the Bird?

    Last year I processed 25 Cornish X's, I had a person from an oddities shop buy all the heads. Weird, I know. This year they aren't buying, is there something to do with the heads? Or best to just scrap them?
  2. ourltlflock

    Chick Flyer for Club

    Kind of an odd request. I'm looking for a printable flyer that our poultry club can use at an informative booth this weekend at the feed store. Needs to be easy and quick to look at. 2 sided is ok. I have one that is just a few paragraphs but I think it won't keep peoples attention as it just...
  3. ourltlflock

    Sweet Feed?

    I once knew a Hawaiian man that swore on feeding his meat birds (Cornish X) a sweet feed plus meat bird feed. That it would lend a better, sweeter taste to the meat. Any truth to this??
  4. ourltlflock

    Silkies and Medicated Feed

    Hi there! I've been raising chickens/chicks for 6 years now and by no means an expert. I've been looking at getting some Silkies and was told by an "expert" that Silkie chicks were NOT to eat medicated chick feed. True or false??
  5. ourltlflock

    Stringy Meat?

    I processed another 12 birds and this time the meat is stringy and slightly tough. I've raised lots of meatbirds and I did nothing different this time, except using a plucker and they came from a different hatchery. Any ideas?? Anyone else have this issue?
  6. ourltlflock

    Mushy Eggs?

    Why are my hard boiled eggs pastey? It's not how I'm cooking them. My chickens are 10 months old to 2.5 years old. I'm feeding a 21% protein layer feed, and nothing really for snacks. When they are hard boiled the whites are just like paste, it's weird. Any ideas?
  7. ourltlflock

    Freezing right away?

    We were processing 7 Cornish Crosses yesterday. One of them I vacuum sealed about 45 minutes after butchering and not thinking, I put it in the freezer! :barnie I usually let 'em sit in the fridge for a day or 3. Will this one be ok to eat? It didn't feel rigo to me when I put it in the bag. Any...
  8. ourltlflock

    Last week, any changes I need to make?

    I am nearing the last week of my meaties, is there anything I need to do before butchering as far as feed goes? I am currently feeding 12 hrs on and 12 hrs off. ACV in the water too. Do I not feed last 24 hours? Do I need to marinate with garlic? lol.
  9. ourltlflock

    Eggs and Summer Heat

    My girls are about to start laying. The temps here are steady 105+, would the eggs be ok if I didn't collect them until 5-6pm? I work during the day and wouldn't be able to check off and on during the day. I have misters on for the girls, but where the laying boxes are it is quite a bit warmer..
  10. ourltlflock

    Auracana/Easter Eggers, Difference?

    Ok, did the search, couldn't find what I was looking for. Is the Auracana, Americauna, (etc) the same as the Easter Egger? If not, what is the difference? I was telling someone that they were different and didn't have the education to explain why.
  11. ourltlflock

    Is this normal??

    I have a 7 week old that lays on its side like a dog, both feet/legs stretched out. Sometimes with the wings out too. Is this behavior ok? Chick seems healthy and happy..
  12. ourltlflock

    Meat Birds and Vacation

    I want to get meat chickens, but is it possible to leave them for 3-4 days? With my layers I can just fill up the feeder and waterer and get out of town for a few days. Can I do that with meats? How do you 'all take a vacation?
  13. ourltlflock

    Another Chick to Coop Question

    My chicks are 6 wks old now. Our overnight temps are in the 50's, is it too cold yet to put them outside? There is really no way to put a heat lamp in the little coop we have. (We bought the coop at Cal-Ranch) Also, I saw it mentioned the nesting boxes should be blocked off. Does it really...
  14. ourltlflock

    Chicks twitching before bed??

    Chicks are almost 3 wks. When they get sleepy and start to bed down, they twitch their heads. Is this normal. Eating, pooping, all normal. No signs of illness. A lot of playing and being chickens.
  15. ourltlflock

    I have faulty chicks..

    My 5 chicks are a little over 2wks old. Yesterday I offered them some mashed up hard boiled eggs, they hated them. Then I offered some spinach leaves, nothing. My chicks seem to only like their food...
  16. ourltlflock

    PDZ in the brooder?

    So my chicks are 2 wks old now, can I use the Sweet PDZ in the brooder instead of the shavings? Seems like it would be easier to clean and not so smelly. Adding it to the shavings doesn't seem to make sense to me. Like all the PDZ would be under the shavings and still hard to clean.
  17. ourltlflock

    Heat Lamp Heat Question

    I was wondering, I have a regular Home Depot Lamp (with the clamp on it) when I have a 100W bulb in it, the socket part is cookin'. I couldn't even imagine a 250w bulb in it. Is that normal? The lamp itself is new. I'm a little scared to leave this thing on and leave the house. My chicks will be...
  18. ourltlflock

    Hello from Vegas

    Hi! My husband and I are new to raising chickens. We will be getting 4-5 early March. Currently we are working on the coop/pen for them and trying to gather up feeders and waterers, etc. I'm excited about getting them, my husband, not so much, lol. Just getting layers for now, we'll see how that...
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