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  1. Joe1962

    Chickens and Bobwhites, can they live together?

    My flock of Sebrights will be up to 9 shortly with one Roo. I was wondering If I hatch some Bobwhite eggs would the chickens tolerate them in the same coop?
  2. Joe1962

    Tragedy in the coop

    I have 4 surviving hens from last year and had 7 new 8 week old chicks in their own area in the coop. I let the adult girls out during the day and leave the little door open for them to come and go. I walked out around 6:30 and my boss hen came running across to yard to me squawking her head...
  3. Joe1962

    Letting broody hen try again

    I have a hen that's gone total broody. She did it last fall and I let her set on some eggs. Ended badly with one survivor. She is at it again. I have to take the eggs from her every day. I have no Roo due to a Weasel so the eggs are not fertile. I have new chicks going to the coop tomorrow with...
  4. Joe1962

    Hen acting like a rooster.

    My girls have been with out a rooster for a couple of months due to a weasel attack. The boss hen has started crowing and mounting the other hens and pullets. Is this normal? I have 7 new chicks almost ready to start introducing. I'm pretty sure at least two of them are roosters. Will she...
  5. Joe1962

    Slow hatch?

    I have 13 Sebright eggs that started hatching yesterday, almost 21 days. It is now over 24 hours day 22 and five have hatched. I'm trying to get to a point when I can take out the hatched chicks. It's like one hatches then another one pips. How long can I safely keep them in the incubator. I...
  6. Joe1962

    Introducing new members to the flock.

    I hope this is the correct group. I have one year old hens. I will start incubating eggs this week for new birds. I have one that is a survivor of a failed hatch I let happen last fall. She has been in the house since then. Now that the temps are warming I need to get her back with the flock and...
  7. Joe1962

    Incubators and thermometers?

    It's been quite a few years since I hatched eggs. Back then I used a little giant with pretty good results. I dug it out and decided it needed replaced. I purchased a farm innovators 4250. I set it up and set the digital thermometer to 99.5. The glass thermometer that cam with it reads 99.5...
  8. Joe1962

    Apullet's first egg.

    I have had a pullet in the house since late fall. A failed hatching I posted on last fall. She is fine, just waiting for some warmer weather to introduce her to the flock. The last 48 hours she has been very noisy 24 hours a day. Today she started the egg sound I have heard the other hens make...
  9. Joe1962

    Dead chickens

    Came home today to find my rooster and one hen dead. Both had their necks ripped open. Only damage from what I could see. Is this the work of a Weasel or Mink? I found a small hole chewed through the wood at ground level. Did not look fresh though. Their entry from the run to the coop was open...
  10. Joe1962

    New chicks

    I had one of my Sebright Pullets went broody 21 days ago. I gave her 4 eggs and let her go. She has been very diligent setting on the eggs. Today I found this under her box. I have not seen any chicks yet and she is still setting in the box.
  11. Joe1962

    Fake eggs

    I have first year Bantams and all Pullets are laying. I have one who seems to be liking one of the fake eggs I put in the boxes. She sets most of the day in the box on that fake egg. She is laying also but I take her eggs when she leaves the box. Been 2 days she has been doing this. Is she...
  12. Joe1962

    Bantam egg cartons

    I am getting a solid 4 eggs a day now from my Bantam pullets. I don't consume them that fast. Is there a place I can purchase Bantam size egg cartons for a good price? Thanks!
  13. Joe1962

    First year Bantam eggs

    My chickens are first year Sebright Bantams. I have 5 Pullets in the group. Three have developed larger red combs. Two don't seem to have any changes in their comb yet. I am getting 2 to 3 eggs a day from them. Do some Pullets develop slower?
  14. Joe1962

    Young roosters challanging me?

    I have 7 Bantam chickens raised them from chicks. 5 hens and two roosters. 5 months old and everything has been fine. Now they, (The two roosters) are trying to mount the hens. The last three days the two amigos have started confronting me. Is this just teenage hormones or are they going to be...
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