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  1. lightchick

    My six girls!

    The first four are almost 10 months now and the other two are about 7 months. They all are hating the snow! I'm hoping to get a few more chickens this year!!! Probably a EE and maybe Barnevelder (I haven't decided). Anyway..... Here's Sweetie my Black Australorp! She's super sweet (I'm sure...
  2. lightchick

    Lightchick's little flock! So far....maybe more birds to come.

    Hi everyone! I just wanted to share some pics of my growing flock. Name: Sweetie Breed: Australorp Age: 3 years Name: Lexi Breed: Silkie Age: 3 years Name: Lacey Breed: Silkie/EE mix (Lexi's daughter) Age: 1 year Name: Tansy Breed: Easter Egger Age: 8 weeks Name: Georgia...
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