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  1. Wildsky

    In loving memory, of our friend - Purple Chicken

    Our friend passed away on December 30th. He will be missed....
  2. Wildsky

    Adding chicks to a broody's nest? - Babies are in! (pic's)

    Please gimme your tips. I have a broody girl who's been sitting on eggs now 20 days. First one green egg went missing, and I checked again today and the brown egg is missing, she has one (bantam egg) left that will hatch tomorrow or so. I am going to ZOOOOM to the feed store tomorrow and...
  3. Wildsky


    OMG my hubby said DON"T LOOK! So what did I do? I looked, they're trying to make a candle out of earwax
  4. Wildsky

    Plucker Kit

    I thought this was interesting for those processors who don't or can't make their own plucker...
  5. Wildsky

    Boobie trap that cupboard !!

    I need some idea's on how to boobie trap a cupboard and/or drawer to know if someone has opened it. I'm not sure if I want just a secret boobie trap (where they wouldn't know they've been caught), or if I want an obvious one (like something messy falling on the floor when the cupboard is...
  6. Wildsky

    Missing for 24 hours - we found her!

    One of my little Mille Fleur D'Uccle's went missing yesterday, she wasn't in the coop at close up time and we searched everywhere for her. We found her today, stuck in a head down position between the horse feeder and the wall. The horsefeeder is a home-made wooden thing that can hold an...
  7. Wildsky

    Wound healing pictures - progression. GRAPHIC!

    My buff girl Maggie was attacked by a dog in May this year, I took pictures of her biggest wound on a regular basis and thought I would share. I cleaned the wounds with a bandaid rinse (kids!) and put on Neosporin on the first day only. I'll date the pictures as I have them saved in my...
  8. Wildsky

    HELP with wood stove installation..

    OK, we're installing a wood stove, hubby cut the cement board today and we'll screw it onto the wall and then tile over. BUT my question is this, the stove is going to be in the corner of the living room - facing the middle of the room, so at an angle. How far away should we keep the TV? I...
  9. Wildsky

    Pictures.................doing chores.

    Round and about today. My daughter fed the chickens, ducks and guinea's. This boy couldn't wait, and decided to help himself. My hubby (Mike), son, goat and horse: Eating dinner in the barn:
  10. Wildsky

    Brace yourself..... pic's on page 4

    I'm BACK! I'm a little jet lagged, and seriously lacking in sleep, I finally got home last night at 7pm, with my luggage still in Atlanta - at least it arrived in the states and I did get to see the bags before they disapeared... they were delivered this morning - so good on Delta for getting...
  11. Wildsky

    Jeremy Lusk - OMG

    MotorX Jeremy Lusk died two days after trying to land a back-flip and sustaining a head injury.
  12. Wildsky


    In a few minutes the Trivia Challenge will begin. Winner will be awarded a 6 month Gold Feather Membership, you can use it yourself, add to your current membership, or gift it to someone else. A few tips and rules: 1. Open 2 or 3 windows, the questions will all be posted right here on post #1...
  13. Wildsky

    Trivia Challenge - THIS EVENING

    LINK TO GAME IN PROGRESS: Sunday evening - trivia challenge. 6pm PST 8pm CST 9pm EST Prize is a 6 month gold feather membership!
  14. Wildsky

    Dirty Jobs right now processing geese

    I think its half way through the show... but interesting.
  15. Wildsky

    Don't mess with the buffalo!

    img/smilies/big_smile.png" alt="big_smile" />">
  16. Wildsky

    Pssssssssssst - want to play the Trivia Challenge?

    I've secured the BEST prize ever! YEP a 6 mth gold feather membership. (keep it for yourself or give it to someone else) I'm ironing out details, and would welcome any suggestions. If you have any GREAT questions - PM them to me (ok, with the answer so I don't spend a week scratching my head)...
  17. Wildsky

    Happy Birthday!!!

    Buck-Wild-Chick I hope you had a lovely day and wish you many many more birthdays!
  18. Wildsky

    Craigslist - FLAG IT - another one

    Please flag this post till it is removed: As you can see - someone decided my picture of the week with my chick on the skateboard was too cute not to copy and use at will. Chicken Coop ForSale. - $499 (dallas,tx)...
  19. Wildsky

    2009 Quilt block of the month - February

    Coordinators: Acre of Blessings and Wildsky Here is how it will work: *Each person will make up one quilt block per month, to send to one other person in the group. Each person will receive one quilt block per month. *Each person can chose color (or two) of blocks they would like to receive...
  20. Wildsky

    Sheeeeeesh, I'm OLD!

    I dug out a VERY old picture for fun. My sister and I with our ducks. I'm the "little" one with straight hair, my sister got the curls.
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