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  1. patyrdz

    Rhea Eggs

    I am looking to buy a few Rhea eggs at a reasonable price. I am also willing to trade sebastopol goose, Narragansett Turkey, ringneck pheasant, silver pheasant, and peacock so I can trade any of these eggs once they start laying Patty;)
  2. patyrdz

    Easter Egger Eggs

    These eggs are from Ameracauna hens and a Blue Orpington Rooster. This auction is for 12 eggs. Shipping includes insurance and confirmation. Rooster Hens This is a pullet from these hens and this rooster!! She is pretty, big and sweet!!
  3. patyrdz

    Sebastopol eggs in BST!!!

    I did it!!! I have an auction going on in the BST!!!! I am on pins and needles! I hope someone buys them or I am going to have 20 in my incubator!!!
  4. patyrdz

    Sebastopol Goose Eggs

    This auction is for five Sebastopol goose eggs. Shipping is $20 including tracking. They will ship Monday. I have three saddleback females and one white, the gander is also white. Patty Gander Whole flock.
  5. patyrdz

    Sebastopol Goose Eggs, NC

    I have five eggs ready to go! They are fresh and fertile!! I have four females and one male. Three of the females are saddlebacks and one is white. The gander is white. I have been getting four eggs every other day, so if they keep on laying like this I will have more to sell! Shipping for up to...
  6. patyrdz

    Should I sell my Sebbie eggs? **More pics on page 15**:)

    OK this is the first year that my geese are laying, and I already have 15 eggs in the incubator. I am scared to put anymore in there until I see if I can actually get them to hatch! All of the eggs so far are developing. YAY I have 5 eggs sitting here ready for the bator. I advertised on...
  7. patyrdz

    Just set Sebbie eggs!!!!

    I just put 10 Sebbie eggs in the incubator!!! Wish me luck, this is a first! My girls are doin good!!!!
  8. patyrdz

    Standard Turken Chicks, NC Pick up only!

    I have 10 chicks for sale, they are 2 weeks old. Pick up only please! OOPS!! NOT an auction, just $4.00 each!
  9. patyrdz

    Frizzle Chicks for sale, NC pick up only!

    I have a frizzled showgirls, frizzled silkies,frizzled cochins for sale. The showgirls are 2 weeks old($4.00), and the cochins and silkies are 4 days old($3.00). Pick up only please.
  10. patyrdz

    Can geese and ducks eat.....

  11. patyrdz

    Guinea Keets (NC)

    I have 20 keets for sale. More are due to hatch Tuesday. Pick up only!
  12. patyrdz

    Standard Cochin Chicks,and others (NC)

    I have blue/black standard cochin chicks for sale.(day olds) I also have two grown cochin roos for sale one blue and one black. I have several Salmon Favorelle chicks, frizzles, bantam cochins, tons of Blue red OEGB (some sports), mixed standard and bantam chicks too! All are pick up only...
  13. patyrdz

    Silver Pheasant Chicks, NC

    I have four Silver Pheasant chicks for sale. Pick up only.
  14. patyrdz

    I need help! Work from home??

    I have been trying to find a job for almost a year now, with no luck! I have even tried jobs that I have never done before. Like gas stations, wal mart, and other discount stores. I have also tried many positions at the local hospital (Office work). I want to get a data processing job that I can...
  15. patyrdz

    Sick Poults

    I have three poults that are right at three weeks old. They are on pine shaving and are eating medicated turkey starter. One is fine. One is limping, and kind of wobbly, it was fine two days ago. The last one has been walking with its head scrunched down since it was a couple of days old. It is...
  16. patyrdz

    Wanted Peacock eggs in NC

    I have a peahen that is laying dud eggs because my males are still too young to breed. When she goes broody I would like to put some eggs under her. Does anyone have any for a reasonable price, hopefully close to Moore County NC? It is kinda hot for shipping right now. Thank you!
  17. patyrdz

    The Dynamic Duo!!

    Who you ask??? Why The Egg Man and Okcarla naturally!!! As you all know Okcarla always sends extra eggs! Well she did not have any extra eggs from the turkeys that I wanted. So what does she do???? She sends me five white guinea eggs and two silkie eggs!! What a GREAT person!! Not unexpected...
  18. patyrdz

    My teeny tiny chicks!!

    These are my Seramas that hatched Saturday! One is very small, he is next to a Black Copper Maran. I just love these little guys!! Here are a few more fuzzybutts!!
  19. patyrdz

    UGH! I think I'm feeding my ducks wrong!!

    I have been feeding them chick starter/grower. I asked for non-medicated and this is what they gave me. One duckling is haveing episodes where he is wobbly and flipped over once. Then he acts normal. I have done a search and saw that it is a vitamin defincey. The only thing I have here is flight...
  20. patyrdz

    I NEED Sabastopol goslings!! **update& Pics!!**

    I really do need them! I can't find any online. Anyone in or near North Carolina have some for sale? I know they are expensive, but please be kind!
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