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  1. chickbird

    poultry feed grinding mill

    Thanks, would like something that will grind whole kernels of dry corn.
  2. chickbird

    poultry feed grinding mill

    Could anyone recommend a site for an electric feed grinding mill for corn and making own chicken feed. Something less than 300.00. Has anyone tried using a garage disposal as a grinder? Thanks
  3. chickbird

    Thoughts on Brinsea 40 advance incubator

    Where did you buy it and what price if you do do mind, I would like one, Thanks
  4. chickbird


    I have held them many a time , i.m a nurse and have seen no respiratory distress, What this does it lets the rooster know who the dominant one on the yard is and it humuliates him in front of the hens, Would essentially be like humans whose lungs are toward the backbone and diaphragm , all...
  5. chickbird


    What i do, is catch them, no matter how hard and hold them by the legs upside down and walk around the pen feeding the other chickens, usually does not take me but one or two times and i have no further problems,
  6. chickbird

    DIY Feed that can be grown?

    I looked at the sites you listed and found them very interesting. I started a seed sprouting tray today to see how it turns out.
  7. chickbird

    Newish to guineas

    I have a guinea hen that has started sitting outside the coop, any suggestions on how to protect her , I don't think she would continue setting if I tried to move her, I live in town but we have foxes and possums and I don't want to lose her. Thanks
  8. chickbird

    Newish to guineas

    How do you prepare/cook them, I have 40 and would like to try one. Thanks
  9. chickbird

    Letting the guineas out

    You need to keep them in the same coop at least 2-4 months before allowing them to free range, since you still have 3 they may show back up. From my experience , they have a poor since of direction and anything that startling will cause them to lose direction. When i first let mine out I let...
  10. chickbird

    Official BYC Poll: The Worst Predator

    Has anyone on here tried those nightguard lights with the blinking red lights? Do they work?
  11. chickbird

    3 dead guineas in a week!?

    Could it be from a poison snake bite?
  12. chickbird

    Broody hen

    I would take her eggs and incubate them, in most instances something will get her and the eggs. shut her up in a pen with a male and let her start laying in a safe penned area, if it is not to late in the season for her to lay. My experience is that they are not good mothers, another option...
  13. chickbird

    Where are our guinea owners located?

    Any Georgia owners out there?
  14. chickbird

    Comment by 'chickbird' in article 'Girdie's Place'

    What a terrific job you have done. Enjoyed reading your post.
  15. chickbird

    Comment by 'chickbird' in article 'Shed Transformation'

    I think the pallet idea and straw insulation is great.It would be good for the cold and act as insulation for cooling in the summer. You have done a great job/
  16. chickbird

    Cooking Guineas

    i haven't tried on yet, but someone said to just salt,pepper and garlic if you like and lightly dust in flour and place in a brown and bake bag. I have been told that alot of restaurants that advertise pheasant, actually serve guinea, don't know that but was told that.
  17. chickbird

    Letting the guineas out

    They love the small bird seed, tsc now has a 20 lb. bag for 5.00. They also like almost anything green, turnips, cabbage, collards, grass clippings.
  18. chickbird

    Letting the guineas out

    One thing i have learned from my guineas , 40 +, they had rather walk than fly, and they love their flock, the first few days when I let the first batch out, we had to herd them back into the coop in the evenings, after that they came in on their own, when i let the next batch out, they followed...
  19. chickbird

    Texas A&M

  20. chickbird

    Where are our guinea owners located?

    We come up near Gainesville when we go to our cabin in Hiawassee. Everything is so pretty up that way.
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