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  1. WingingIt

    Help me fill up a box. :)

    Short version of the story: I have an online friend who is close to my exact opposite. We jokingly call her City Mouse and me Country Mouse. I want to send her a box of things, sort of picking on her a bit, but also to share some good country living with her. I have a magazine I'm sending...
  2. WingingIt

    Probably a dumb question re: number of members

    I'm going to ask it anyway, though. Is there somewhere that we can look and see how many registered members we have? I know there are a ton of us, was just wondering what the actual number is.
  3. WingingIt

    Big Red Couch Blog's Owner?

    I *think* I started following this blog because the owner was here at BYC. Today I can't get there and thought maybe there is a new address (I HOPE SO!) that I could be linked to? Anyone know? TIA!
  4. WingingIt

    Epilepsy film could use some votes, if you would, please

    This is Garett and his film. He's the nephew of my friend and has epilepsy. He has a documentary (was told as a child that he'd die soon and has proven them wrong) that is entered in a neuro film festival. Neuro Film Festival -- American Academy of Neurology! Would you please take a few...
  5. WingingIt

    FYI: Tractor Supply Sale

    Not sure if it's every store, but the two local stores here both have all of their 'man cave' and chicken decorations 50% off right now, on top of the already reduced prices. Clocks, wall hangings, signs for your coop, etc. I got a really cute small "Fresh Eggs Daily" sign with two wooden...
  6. WingingIt

    Any advice about helping a wild goose?

    Let me first start by saying I'd first like to make sure it's legal and will be calling some state offices this morning to do just that. There is a Canada goose that showed up by our dock yesterday. They normally hang out at the end of the cove but this one is down by us instead. I'm guessing...
  7. WingingIt

    Ignore me

    Had to add one to my post count.
  8. WingingIt

    How long to start laying again after hatching eggs?

    I had a buff orpington that went broody (our first). She hatched out the chicks a couple of weeks ago. I'm just wondering how long after hatching they normally start laying again. She and the little ones are in a separate coop with a LOT of shavings and I'm wondering if I need to start...
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  10. WingingIt

    One dead chicken and one missing breast feathers (warning - pictures)

    I hope this is the right section to post this is, didn't see one that was a better fit. I wasn't home today for most of the day. When I let the girls out this morning everyone came out just like normal. Noone dawdling behind or acting lethargic or anything. I came home to a dead chicken...
  11. WingingIt

    Sex of almost 16 week old EE?

    These are of our crossbeak EE. Sometimes the feathers are up on the tail and sometimes they are down. Including pictures of both along with comb and feet. I took these tonight before I trimmed the bottom beak again. Will be 16 weeks in a few days. I'm hoping girl because then she can stay...
  12. WingingIt

    Ugh! Trying to find a post and can't find it. Help, please.

    I thought that I had subscribed to it so I could go back and show DH but apparently I didn't. Someone posted about the chickens that they had rescued from an egg farm/hatchery. I remember that they had three pictures in the thread. One was from when they first got them showing the loss of...
  13. WingingIt

    Do we need at least two of each breed?

    I'm not sure I worded that correctly. We currently have 6 chicks in our brooder - two of them are EEs and one has developed a crossbeak. From what I've read, we can try to trim it and help it for a while but it may be a losing battle. In the case that we do lose it, that will leave us with...
  14. WingingIt

    EE with beak where top and bottom do not line up right

    Hopefully the picture works (first time posting pic here). This is one of my EE chicks. They are roughly three and a half weeks old. As you can see, the top and bottom parts of her beak do not line up right. Anyone have any experience with this? Will it get worse as she gets older/bigger...
  15. WingingIt

    One chick being picked at. Am I missing something I need to do?

    I've got 15 red sex link chicks (at least, that's what they are supposed to be ) in the house. They are almost six weeks old. Found one last night that the others have started picking at. No blood, just some feathers pulled off it's back. I did a thread search and this is what I've done...
  16. WingingIt

    I've been lurking, but am *official* now.

    An official member, that is. I've already learned a lot from BYC and should probably start out by saying thank you for that. I've lurked here for months now, getting ready to get chicks, figuring out how much space is needed per chicken, etc. We have red sex links that are five weeks old...
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