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  1. huntercf

    Clipping nails ~ rabbits

    What is the best way to trim rabbit nails? Would one of those pedi machine (as seen on tv) for dogs and cats work well for rabbits or should I clip them and if so how far back without hurting them.
  2. huntercf

    Rabbit questions

    So I thinking about getting a couple of rabbits. I used to raise them when I was much younger (several decades ago) and that didn't go so well. Would it be ok if I have a pen off the ground and if so what type of bottom (i.e. wire cloth) should I use? Plus, would it be ok to let them free range...
  3. huntercf

    DE usage

    I saw some DE at Lowe's today and wondered if I can use that around my chickens? I looked for food grade on the packaging but it didn't say, it did say to keep it away from children and pets.
  4. huntercf

    Curious ~ bobwhite differences

    I was just curious about the difference between Northern, Georgia and Wisconsin bobwhites. They all seem the same species to me.
  5. huntercf

    Pheasant question

    I have never raised pheasants but was considering getting a couple just for pets. I have chickens and quail. I recently had to get rid of most of my coturnix quail because they were too noisy at night. Are pheasants noisy? and if so are they noisy at night?
  6. huntercf

    lethargic ameraucana pullet ***Update*****

    I have a pullet who has become lethargic, she is still eating and drinking but is not quite herself. She wants to sleep most of the time and before she would run away from me but now I can pick her up with very little argument. I gave her some water mixed with sugar and orange juice and put her...
  7. huntercf

    Any suggestions ~ Code Violation Notice

    I came home today to find a NOTICE Possible Violation stuck on my door. It says that Fowls are no aloud in city limits. I called and spoke to the police (number on notice). I told the police officer that I received the notice and I had to contact them within 24 hours about the fowl, I informed...
  8. huntercf

    reptipro 5000

    Has anyone used a reptipro 5000 incubator for hatching bird eggs? If so, how did it do and is there an automatic turner for it? Thanks
  9. huntercf

    Recipe for pickled quail eggs?

    Does anyone have a recipe for pickling quail eggs? Thanks:drool
  10. huntercf

    game bird breeder license

    Does anyone know where I can obtain an application for a CA domesticated game bird breeders license? The DFG's website only has the renewal letter but no application. Thanks
  11. huntercf

    Chicken Breeds???

    Hi, I'm just wondering what type of chickens these are, I think the black and white one is a barred rock the others I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  12. huntercf

    Little Giant Incubator...Digital Thermostat

    Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to install a digital thermostat on a little giant incubator (7200). I can get the temp to 99.5F but it is a constant vigil. If so, where could I get one? Thanks for your time.
  13. huntercf

    Black Francolins

    Hi, Does anyone know where I could get some black francolin breeders or some eggs. I have been searching the internet for months and the only place I could find doesn't have them anymore. Thanks in advance
  14. huntercf


    Hello Everyone, I just registered today but I have visited the site a few times. My wife and kids got a new dog last year and as part of the agreement I got chickens (and quail). I grew up on a farm in WA and missed having chickens (we used to get 100 in the mail every year plus about 30 from...
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