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  1. veronicasmom

    Muscovy drake for adoption

    I just posted on the Maine thread about a Muscovy drake that is in a local shelter and needs a home. So, anyone in Maine, or maybe NH or MA that could help this poor lonely guy, take a look. Fingers crossed that he finds a home with a few ladies.............................
  2. veronicasmom

    Southern Maine muscovy drake for adoption

    I just saw on my local animal shelter site that they have a muscovy drake up for adoption. This shelter does not normally handle livestock and I worry that he is not being cared for properly. I don't like the write up they have either. It...
  3. veronicasmom

    Hot pepper and ducks

    Before I spend a ton of time trying to find this online, I thought I would come here and see if anybody knows anything about this. I read one time that you can use hot pepper or peppers in birdseed to keep the squirrels away. Apparently the birds cannot taste it and it does not hurt them. Does...
  4. veronicasmom

    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone has a lovely day today! Humans, furred, feathered and finned!
  5. veronicasmom

    Cheerios cereal

    Every year at the holidays I make some of the party mix, and I always end up with a bunch of leftover Cheerios. I don't feed my ducks any bread or bread products, but can they have Cheerios? I obviously would not give them a lot of them, but the rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and goats can only eat...
  6. veronicasmom


    I have gotten some lovely "ovations" from people. But I cannot see how to do that for others. What am I missing? Thanks to all of you who have sent them to me.
  7. veronicasmom

    THANK YOU!!!!

    Thank you so so very much to Sfraker and cjwaldon for the GORGEOUS feathers! My little nephew will be so thrilled with them. Again, many thanks for your generosity.
  8. veronicasmom

    Blood feathers?

    Went out a few mins ago and my runner female, Victoria, has blood where the stumps of her molted feathers are. She looks nasty. I have never seen this in any of my other molting ducks. I did take some pics with my phone, but I have no clue how to get phone pics on this. We did examine her...
  9. veronicasmom

    Collecting feathers

    Does anyone have any cool feathers they would mind sending me? Ducks, chickens, turkey, peacock, guinea hen, parakeet, parrot, etc? My little 5 year old grand nephew is enthralled by the duck feathers I have given him.He also found some blue jay and crow feathers that he thinks are neat. He...
  10. veronicasmom

    Feed questions

    I am going so crazy now with trying to get my father's issues taken care of that I don't have a lot of time to hunt around for info. I was hoping someone would help me out in figuring out exactly what I should be feeding my new girl. She is about 2-3 mos old (I was told). I feel the others...
  11. veronicasmom

    Pekin needs home in ME/NH/MA

    My equine vet just told me that she has a client with a lovely, friendly, Pekin hen that is being picked on by the chickens. They want to find her a nice place with other ducks. She is in Bowdoinham, ME. If anyone can take her, that would be great. I am just up to capacity and in all...
  12. veronicasmom

    NEW DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Getting a new rescue duck today!!!!! She is very young, just getting her flight feathers I was told. I was also told she is a KC/Runner cross. I can't get the pictures the shelter sent me on here, but will try when I get her home and can take some with my camera. She is REALLY cute! I just...
  13. veronicasmom

    Has anyone used this?
  14. veronicasmom


    My white, angel wing (got her that way) Muscovy, Vada, has been broody for 3 weeks now. She terrorizes the rest of the flock, is crabby and annoying and generally making everyone miserable. Ugh. I cannot wait for this to end. I feel bad. I took all her eggs, so she sits on an empty nest...
  15. veronicasmom


    Grrr. We were out doing barn chores yesterday am and the ducks were roaming as usual. It was raining. My husband had to go into the house and noticed that a pickup truck going by had slowed down. He decided to go see why and the reason was that my DUMB ducks were on the other side of the...
  16. veronicasmom

    Egg Question

    Found 9 eggs today, only have 8 hens. So, if one egg is a day old, is it still safe to eat? Warm but not hot yesterday, and it was in a shaded cooler place. It was with 2 others that I know were layed today, so do I need to throw all three out or keep them? Thanks
  17. veronicasmom

    Cool article!

    The local newspaper, The Portland Press Herald, had a great article on duck eggs this am. They quoted Learycow (Al's Quackery) and one of the owners of Metzer's. And another local duck owner. Not sure if he is on here or not. It had some egg cooking tips. But I hope that it does not cause a...
  18. veronicasmom

    Never say never

    I said I would never own chickens. Not because I dislike them, far from that. But I eat chicken and was kind of creeped out by owning a species that I eat. But, a young friend of mine has to rehome 2 bantam hens. I am seriously considering it due to the circumstances surrounding the rehoming...
  19. veronicasmom


    Yesterday our local paper printed a letter to the Editor that I wrote asking people to reconsider buying ducklings, chicks and rabbits as Easter pets. If anyone on here can do the same for their local area, that would be great. I also added that MANY animals of all types are available at animal...
  20. veronicasmom

    Roos and drakes

    Ok, so it is nasty outside and I went to the website for the rescue where our ducks come from. I noticed they have TONS of roosters. Obviously, I know lots of people don't want them, and I know some of the reasons. Soooo, this is my question. I have 8 female ducks, and one drake. My drake is...
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