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  1. skunknchatter

    Sebastopol and Emden

    I have the opportunity to get a Sebastopol gander and an Emden goose from a neighboring homesteader. I have owned chickens and ducks but never geese. Right now I have a large run (16'x24') with a very mild mannered rooster, one runner duck, and one hen. I am hoping that the new geese can move...
  2. skunknchatter

    Old Duck Problems

    So my one Indian Runner duck, Norm, has been living with my chickens since he was a duckling. He is 9 years old this year and we're running into a few problems. The biggest one is that, now that he's older, he doesn't seem to be able to navigate the narrow ramp up into the coop. He's always gone...
  3. skunknchatter

    Coops on Fire

    Here's a quick reminder about the dangers of heat lamps in chicken coops. I woke up at 2AM this morning to my husbands fire pager going off. He was dispatched to a chicken coop that had caught fire and then caught an apartment complex on fire. The cause? A heat lamp. Having a heat lamp in your...
  4. skunknchatter

    Valbazen and Eggs

    So I was using the trusty "google" to see why Valbazen is harmful to humans. Mostly because I was annoyed that I have to not eat the eggs from my hens for 2 weeks after worming. Well since you do it again 10 days after the first dose that's almost a month of wasted eggs. Anyway... wanna know...
  5. skunknchatter

    Wood Ash under Shavings

    I use pine shavings in my hen house and was wondering about putting a layer of wood ash under the shavings next time I clean it. I haven't had a lot of problems with mites and lice in the past but I figure better to prevent then wait for an infestation. Any reason I shouldn't put down wood ash...
  6. skunknchatter

    Hire out Processing?

    So I'd like to raise some meat birds but I don't have the stomach to kill them. I know it sounds lame but it's true. We've raised cows and pigs but always hire out for slaughter. Are there any options for someone who wants to raise their own but not process them? I'm in Northern Utah.
  7. skunknchatter

    Rough Rooster, Sunburned Hen

    So my rooster is pretty rough on a couple of my hens. One hen's back is totally bald now (her head is in bad shape too). I'm usually more of the "old school" frame of mind when it comes to chickens. I've had this problem with a hen or two in the past and just let it run it's course. However, I'm...
  8. skunknchatter

    Gapeworm or something else?

    Two day ago I noticed my rooster just sittingout in the snow gasping. Stretching his neck out and opening his beak wide. His comb was grayish purple. I picked him up and brought him inside. I noticed first that he had mites so I sprayed him for those. Then I got on BYC and searched previous...
  9. skunknchatter

    Root Cellar Old School

    Does anyone have a dugout root cellar? I really want one. I have a dugout basement under my 50's home so I know that I can prob did a cellar on my property without running into water problems. Just wondering if anyone has done this. I need a place to store garden goods and I've always wanted an...
  10. skunknchatter

    skunks now?

    We have a raccoon problem suddenly. 7 years owning chickens and no problem until now. Tonight the dogs wake me up barking like crazy. Great, another raccoon. Hubby goes out, i hear a gunshot. He forgot to load shorts in the .22 so it was a little loud. Regardless, problem solved right? Bag it...
  11. skunknchatter

    Road Base In Run?

    My run is currently dirt. Which is fine in the summer. But in the spring it is a muddy mucky mess when the snow thaws. Not to mention it smells like a chicken coop when muddy as well. I was thinking of putting road base in to cut down on the mud. It's a sandy base with large gravel in it. It...
  12. skunknchatter

    PulletShut and Deluxe Ramp *pics*

    Last night we installed our new Pullet Shut Automatic Chicken Door. Super easy to install. I got the solar panel since we don't have power out to the coop. How cool do my chickens feel using solar power?! Here's Hubby and our little helper Today the chickens got a new deluxe ramp and...
  13. skunknchatter

    What to do with those old birds?

    Okay before everyone says you put them in the freezer, I just can't bring myself to do it. We've eaten young roosters when we've had too many but I just can't bring myself to kill or eat my old hens. They look at me with their wise old hen eyes and I cave. So... how long do the dang things live...
  14. skunknchatter

    Pullet/Cockerel pair Utah

    We have 2 left from our hatch this spring. 9 week old pullet and cockerel. The cockerel is 3/4 Buff Orpington and 1/4 Welsummer, the Pullet is 1/2 and 1/2. I need to sell these guys before winter hits. I'll consider any offer. I already have 2 roosters and 8 hens. Don't have room for these guys too.
  15. skunknchatter

    The Low-Down on Auto Coop Doors

    We've recently had a HUGE raccoon problem. The raccoons are huge, the population is huge, the problem is huge. 6 years I've had chickens and haven't had shut and lock the coop at night until this spring. We had a raccoon get in (not that hard when your run is topped with chicken wire and your...
  16. skunknchatter

    pipped wrong end

    So i have one egg that just pipped in the small end. Do i just wait and see? Also i have one that pipped sometime in the night, widened the hole a bit, but hasn't done much. The exposed membrane is turning tan and dry looking. Humidity is high 50s to low 60s.I can see that the chick is still...
  17. skunknchatter

    rooster coop maybe?

    I'm up to 3 roosters now. I love them all and they are all well behaved. However, 3 is a bit much for 6 hens. I was thinking of putting up a small "rooster coop" and rotating the boys one at a time. Thoughts?
  18. skunknchatter

    First timer

    Okay before passing judgment know that I grew up an animal loving city girl. Not a "PETA" type but I don't like killing things. Then I married a country boy and a hunter. So now to present... Late this summer I hatched 4 chicks in my homemade incubator. 3 of said chicks turned out to be...
  19. skunknchatter

    Treadle "Rat Proof" Feeder

    I am tired of feeding the starlings my chicken feed. They are consuming up to 50# every 3 weeks!!! And I don't free feed. I'm looking at this feeder from Has anyone ever ordered from them? I like this feeder because the door swings back instead of up. It is also in my price range...
  20. skunknchatter

    Friend dropped off a peacock....

    So a friend of mine told me a while ago he was going to get me a peacock. He has been known to be full of it so when I hadn't heard from him 4 months later I didn't think twice about it. Well... yesterday he called and said he had my peacock. It's a young one he says. What now?? I can't keep it...
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