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    This is where we aire from! NOwhere in particular ;) if you are not frum anywehre, you velong here, and RHATT is where you ARE FORM!~
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    Flea Market treasures

    Does anyone out there go to the flea market? I do, and am quite tickled by the things I find. Flea markets have a lot of crap and bad deals, but there is also a lot of great deals (such as disposable gloves, wrenches, braces, etc.) and valuable rusty tools and what not. I've been...
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    WANTED: Pekin duck Hatching eggs!

    I live in Nor Cal, let me know if you're nearby, or willing to ship and your price. Am going to start the hatch in 1-3 wks, depending when I acquire some. Thank you!
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    Right brained, Left brained?

    In researching my family history, I've come across a lot of different people. Different not only on the outside, but in the inside too. Wired differently, you might say. Anyways, when it comes down to the 'nitty-gritty' (yes, Nacho Libre) there are different ways to process things through our...
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    Does anyone else do this?

    First of all, I had five very beautiful ducks. Nice stock given to me by a breeder getting out of it who wanted to pass their hard work on. I loved and cared for them for about two months before a predator attack. 3 ducks down. Two poor, traumatized ducks left; day before Christmas of 2013...
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    Polenta with homemade pomegranate jelly - nothing to sneeze at in my opinion. Though the husband thinks differently!
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    The difference between a grey silkie and blue silkie?

    I'm confused about silkie genetics and how they effect colors, which makes sense because I'm not exactly sure what some colors look like - blue and grey included. So would an experienced silkie breeder or judge be able to shed some light on this? Thanks.
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    Who's the fastest typer?! WPM test! Post your speed here. I got 68 WPM. How about ya'll?
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    Keeping roo in with chicks?

    My banty pen consists of Elvis, Ethel, and Izzy. I won't go into breeds, because those don't matter - and not like ya'll care anyway. Izzy went broody three weeks ago, within a week Ethel (the younger of the two) had joined her. Yesterday was day 20, today is 21, and chicks are hatching all...
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    Human deterrent against bobcat?

    Can human urine (male/testosterone) deter bobcats? My dad wants to know.
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    McMurray banty chick, what the heck?

    Kind, kind, oh so wonderfully kind McMurray sent an extra chick. Of course, it has a toe issue and never will walk normal - I can only imagine the pain that it's in. I'm getting beside the point here. What breed is this chick? Feathered legs, I believe it looks something like a...
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    3 wk old chick bloody vent **GRAPHIC PICS** (please don't look if you faint easily)

    I'll get right to the point - went outside, checked on chicks, found bantam with bloody vent. It looks as if she is trying to poop something out. I have her in a box with pine shavings and some food & water. Currently on Med. Chick starter, fresh water morning and evening. Just today we put...
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    ¶ The Anti-Pink society ¶

    Anti-Pink Society The Anti-Pink society is here to counteract the prissiness of the Pink Club. All you toughies come talk here, it may be purses, fluff, and malls over there; but here, it's different. Here, were all and out tough and rough, we talk about bacon, disgusting habits...
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    ∆ Laura & Anne's Quotes ∆

    Hello, everyone. Before you read the following, please understand this is all a joke. *ahem* Anyways - As most of you know, Banny's last claim was utterly ridiculous. Such an undaunted claim cannot go unchallenged. "Anne: You SERIOUSLY burned it? Laura: Yeah, it took a long...
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    HELP! Do you place the eggs big end up in the automatic egg turner?

    I need to put the eggs in this morning, I'm assuming big end up, but not sure!
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    I'm leaving BYC. Bye.
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    Idybityprettylidy, s'il vois plait lisez ceci!

    These are my new chicks. :) I know that you really wanted some pics so, I've dedicated a whole entire thread to them. (sad thing is, is that they don't know or care xD) So, not all of them are on here, but I'll give weekly updates of them. All of dads meat birds (BO's and BA's) are named...
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    Help! Two have died, third is on it's way out the door!

    Our order from McMurray arrived this morning. All arrived healthy enough (there was a dead splash silkie though), but around twelve we found very dead-looking frizzled cochin bantam & black silkie sprawled out on the brooder. Me & my mother tried to revive them for about 2 1/2 hours; for awhile...
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    Does anyone know how to cook soap root?

    We've founds some soap root and want to cook it, and eat it. I've searched all over Google and there is no recipes. Has anyone done it? Do you have any recipes for it?
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    Singing tips?

    I'm learning to sing, it's one of the things I've dreaded throughout my life. So, I have to conquer it. Yes, yes, I sound like a dying narwhal but I can at least try; I've found some helpful resources on Google about breathing through your diaphragm - my voice is already improving and more...
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