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  1. thudson

    Egg Size affect Chick Size?

    Recently I had a broody hen setting on eggs. Any way eggs got moved to incubator to hatch. I didn't pick the eggs she was sitting on and some are small eggs but came from standard size hens. Although they are Danish Brown Leghorn eggs that kind of run small anyway. But the question is one of...
  2. thudson

    Crazy Broody Hen?

    Recently I had a hen I hatched from an incubator not too long ago go broody. She decided she wanted to be a mom. I thought now that's cool! So I gave her a half dozen eggs to sit on in the main coop! (1st mistake) did not Mark the eggs (2nd mistake) lot of laying hens in same coop. So I let her...
  3. thudson


    Hello all my friends! I have been gone a little while. I have been in a way incapacitated. I am 53 years old and had a mild Stroke recently. I am recovering a doing pretty well now. Lord knows it was a scary situation. But on the good side of things my girls are getting me strong again and...
  4. thudson

    Didn't want to!

    Today was a sad day for me. I have had a new Easter egger rooster for about 2 years that was given to me. That rooster has always been very aggressive to my wife so I kept him isolated, But today he was acting like he didn't feel good so I went in to check on him. Then all of a sudden he...
  5. thudson

    New Arrivals!

    I posted a few days ago about Ordering Chicks this summer and about Losses in my flock this summer. Well my chicks arrived safely and are doing well. I ordered from Ideal Poultry in Cameron Texas. I have 10 Danish Brown Leghorns chicks. (9 pullets and 1 rooster) Now just happy to have them here...
  6. thudson

    It Has Been A Tough Summer

    This summer has been terrible on my older girls in my flock. Yes some of my girls have lived a long happy life but this incredible heat is taking its toll. I have lost 5 of my good older hens in the past 5 weeks. I know it is part of it, but dog gone it, I am so sad to see these losses. I take...
  7. thudson

    Did I Mess Up?

    Several of you know me on here and I been super busy this year with surgery, work and just alot. But I did raise chicks this year back in early spring even hatched 1 of my own chicks this year. But this year has taken a toll on my older girls. In just the last couple of months I have lost 4...
  8. thudson

    What Could It Be?

    Recently as you all know, I hatched my first chick. How do I know what breed it will be and what color egg it will lay?The chick I hatched came out of a brown egg from a Barred Rock hen. My roosters are both Easter eggers. As the chick is growing and is turning into a beautiful pullet I notice...
  9. thudson

    Last Month Was Tough!

    :frowHowdy everyone! It's so good to be back. The last 30 days or so has been rough. As some of you know I finally hatched a chick right before Easter which I have been trying to do so long. Well during that time I hurt myself, (gave myself a hernia). I thought no big deal go and get it...
  10. thudson

    Babies all growed up!

    One of my Easter Egger pullets. One of my Buff Orpington pullets. All 8 survived this year, no losses and they are out on their own, in their new coop with the new Easter Egger rooster.
  11. thudson

    Why Do They Have To Get Old!

    :hitYou know sometimes it seems so hard to let things go as we age. I recently posted a story on my dear Anabel a Rhode Island Red hen that I raised up from a chick 6-7 years ago and she was so special to me and she was my first chick when I started back up raising chickens. Well she passed a...
  12. thudson

    My Chicks! With a few Questions?

    Easter Egger Chick! Buff Orpington Chick! Their brooder! My chicks are about 5 weeks old. All are doing really well, all 8 that I bought are alive. Now the Buff Orpington Chick in the picture is a little smaller than the rest because she almost died at Day 5. She I thought was dead when I found...
  13. thudson

    Mister Rooster In Trouble!

    I came home tonight and I am in the dog house. My new Easter Egger rooster attacked my wife. She said he just kept coming. Now why in the world did he do that. He is only about 10 months old and has not showed any temperament like that.( He don't even have spurs yet) All I can think of is the...
  14. thudson


    I am new to incubating eggs and I got two crazy questions. 1. Lockdown--- Is this the term used when you stop turning the eggs at day 18? 2. Will the chick be different if the rooster is a different breed than the hen? I hope these questions make since!
  15. thudson

    Unruly Hen!

    I got one unruly Plymouth Barred Rock she just drives me mad sometimes.:heShe pecks everything she can get her beak on. She pecks hens, roosters, dogs, even me at times. To me she is unusually large hen and she pushes her weight around. I have tried moving her around and even isolated her hoping...
  16. thudson

    Good day!

    Mister Rooster says Good morning to Everyone!
  17. thudson

    Homemade Nest Boxes!

    This is a picture of some homemade nest boxes I built out of 5 gallon buckets I saw on the internet. They work as you can see! Easy mount and easy cleanup.:caf
  18. thudson

    Brooder Update!

    The top brooder is what I use for chicks 3 days to two weeks old. The bottom brooder is what I use from 2 weeks until they are ready to integrate into the flock. My chicks right now are about 4 weeks old.
  19. thudson

    My Roosters

    Top one is my new Easter Egger Rooster--- Mister Rooster. The botton picture is my older Easter Egger Rooster---Rooster Grey!
  20. thudson

    Incubator update!

    This is an update to an earlier post but here I go again. My first incubation attempt was a big failure but a learning experience. 1st off it was a cheap incubator and had done no research on how to. ( Big Mistake). Now I got my new incubator, (Janoel 12) I have researched many sources for the...
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