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  1. CochinLover1

    Assorted Coturnix Quail

    Hello! I am selling quail eggs by the dozen with free extras. Here are the costs. 1 dozen = $7 plus shipping 2 dozen = $14 plus shipping 3 dozen = $20 plus shipping 4 dozen = $25 plus shipping I have recently gotten into Coturnix Quail for my senior project. I am selling hatching eggs and...
  2. CochinLover1

    Any and all info >WANTED<

    Hello!! I am purchasing Coturnix quail in the spring and I've never had quail before. I'm not sure how they are in comparison to chickens but I've heard they're easy. I'd like to know about housing, temperament, feed, and hardiness. Thanks in advance, C
  3. CochinLover1

    **Fancy Rooster Contest #2 with Prize !! Ends 12/12/16**

    Hello everyone! This will be my 2 contest. Any and all roosters are welcome, if you think your rooster is pretty, show him off! If you think your rooster is ugly,..Show him off! The prize will be awarded to 1st place only. I ask that all contestants keep the entries at a max of 3 pictures. The...
  4. CochinLover1

    No feathers on chickens' necks??

    They are not molting. They have no pin feathers on there necks and it seems to be getting worse. I haven't seen any signs of mites or skin irritation. They have been missing their feathers since the ending of February, which was when I started noticing. It is only a couple of birds but would...
  5. CochinLover1

    Rooster not able to walk and bright green poo

    Hey guys, I recently had to euthanize one of my buckeye roosters because he was ill. He was not able to walk and we thought he was injured at first, but we couldn't find anything wrong with his legs or feet. He was pooping really bright green poo though. Well, later this week his son has come...
  6. CochinLover1

    3 week old white silkie cockerels for trade

    I got a batch of six silkie straight run. Well, 5 of them are roosters. I will keep them if they do not find homes or trade, but I am located in Lancaster Ohio, if anyone would trade me a different color silkie or silkie hen around the same age, I am very interested.
  7. CochinLover1

    Happy Easter BYC!

    I wish everyone to have a very happy Easter!
  8. CochinLover1

    Chicken names thread!

    This is a thread where you post pictures of your unnamed chickens and everyone chips in and tries to come up with a name that you like!
  9. CochinLover1

    Newborn Goat pneumonia treatment. URGENT

    What is the best medication to treat newborn goats (Boer) for Pneumonia. I have Duramycin 72-200 and LA-200. Which is better and is there another medication that is even better than those.
  10. CochinLover1

    Newborn Goat pneumonia treatment. URGENT

    What is the best medication to treat newborn goats (Boer) for Pneumonia. I have Duramycin 72-200 and LA-200. Which is better and is there another medication that is even better than those.
  11. CochinLover1

    Having troubles with Ad.

    In my rainbow eggs ad, I have had two users tell me that they are not able to see my prices. It would be extremely helpful if you could check my ad out and see if the costs show up for you. This would be really helpful guys, and I want to see if I can fix it if this is a common occurrence...
  12. CochinLover1

    COMPLETELY Getting rid of mites in barn. Infestation... HELP

    Please help...I had a really big mite problem this past summer in my barn. They were these really tiny light brown mites that were EVERYWHERE. I now have an extreme phobia because of this traumatic experience, whenever I picked something up in the barn, they would be crawling all over my hand. I...
  13. CochinLover1

    Dark Side, Light side, Bounty Hunter?

    Calling all Star Wars fans! (The old movies and the recent) Would you be a sith, jedi, bounty hunter, or some other misc.? I personally would like to be a jedi. How about you?
  14. CochinLover1

    Better quality, Cackle or Murray?

    I have been looking into Cackle hatchery and all of the hatchery birds I have now are from Murray. How is Cackle? I noticed their prices were better but I have heard so many mixed responses i'm not quite sure what to think. Any info would be useful.
  15. CochinLover1

    Has anyone purchased from Cackle Hatchery?

    I was looking to purchase some chicks from Cackle Hatchery and I was wondering what they were like before I purchased any. What were the condition of the chicks and how did they look as adults? Any info is greatly wanted !
  16. CochinLover1

    Rainbow egg layers , HERITAGE TURKEY eggs available now LIMITED amount, Ameraucanas, Buckeyes, Biele

    All my birds are NPIP Certified. Red = No longer available at this time. Please note - I only sell straight run, except for Bielefelders. Green = Almost finished for the season. Blue = Taking orders now. Pictures of my birds are up top. I will send more pictures for those that are interested in...
  17. CochinLover1

    Standard size Black or Partridge cochins.

    I am looking for standard size black or partridge cochins. I am looking for good, show quality lines. If you have these birds please contact me and send pictures of your birds. Thanks, C
  18. CochinLover1

    Standard size Black Cochins from Mcmurray hatchery?

    I was thinking about getting some standard size black cochins from Mcmurray hatchery. Has anyone purchased these birds from them and if so, could you post pictures so I can see what they look like grown up?
  19. CochinLover1

    Barnyard Mix (High Quality)

    1 dozen= $35 1/2 dozen= $16 Cost of shipping will be added (it varies state to state) Hello BYC!! I am selling hatching eggs from my Bielefelders GFF bloodlines, Pure bred black and lavender amauracanas, Easter eggers, new hampshires, silver laced wyandottes, salmon faverelle, partridge...
  20. CochinLover1

    Is there any way you can get your birds to lay more?

    I have some breeds that don't lay a lot of eggs. I was wondering, is there anything I could add to their diet that would encourage their bodies to lay more?
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