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  1. Lisa-Lu

    Our Dog Is Coughing

    Friday evening our dog started coughing while playing with my boys in the house. He coughed non stop for about 20-30 minutes and finally calmed down. The coughing has continued but in spurts. He will be fine for several hours and then have a cough spell, some lasting for just seconds, others for...
  2. Lisa-Lu

    Broody Hen, I think?

    I have a 10 month old bantam cochin who is kind of acting broody and just wanted advice. She is sitting in the nesting box all day, until we move her out and she forgets about it for an hour or so, and then goes right back. She will free range with her friends for a while, eat and drink and...
  3. Lisa-Lu

    Fox Sighting

    The last two evenings we have seen two foxes casually walking through our back field and back into the woods. They havent come close to the coops from what we can tell. My concern is what do I need to be watching for? What is their main way of access/attack? Our flocks are safe in their runs...
  4. Lisa-Lu

    Tylan50 Shortage?

    Every place I've looked on line and around town is out of Tylan50. Does anyone know of any magic place I could get some? I need it asap as I've already lost one bird...
  5. Lisa-Lu

    Eye Swollen Shut, multiple chickens affected, help!!

    I have a 3 month old dominique pullet. I have had her over a month along with a group of 8 others the same age but all different breeds. There are 16 total in the coop and run that she is in. They all are fed starter grower crumble, occasional mealworm treats. She occasionally sneezes, not...
  6. Lisa-Lu

    Bees- Friend or Foe?

    We've got a bees nest in our coop, do they bother chickens? Do we need to get it out of there?
  7. Lisa-Lu

    Treating Diarrhea

    My sweet red sex link has nasty diarrhea, yellow water is more like it. I gave her probiotics in her water day before yesterday, and wet mash. She wouldnt eat the wet mash yesterday, I did get her to eat some mealworms yesterday. Started electrolytes this morning. She is lethargic and stands...
  8. Lisa-Lu

    9 month old hen lethargic with full crop?

    Yall may remember my laying issues with my hens or the lack of I should say. I changed their food a couple weeks ago and one of them just started laying beautiful solid eggs and has done so for the last 3 days. Well today, she is acting totally off, lethargic, just stands around with her head...
  9. Lisa-Lu

    4 Hens- 1 egg per the end of my rope

    Background on the hens: we got them at about 5 months old. 2 of them were laying and continued to for about a week or so, then 3 of them were and was consistent for a few days. then all of them stopped for almost a week. (breeds: 2 barred rocks, 2 red sex links) Now they are about 8-9 months...
  10. Lisa-Lu

    One hen eating another's egg before we can get it!

    We had thought one of our girls was laying broken shell eggs, but this morning we caught another hen breaking it and starting to eat it. What can we do to prevent this other hen from getting to her egg before we do or curbing the desire to do this?
  11. Lisa-Lu

    Best way to weigh a chicken for worm treatment?

    What is the easiest/best way to weigh a chicken to know how much wormer to give? The only way I can think of is to weigh myself and then step on scales while holding her?
  12. Lisa-Lu

    How to "offer" oyster shell

    I have a couple hens that are soft shell laying every other day just about. I have oyster shell in a container in their yard for them to eat as they want, but they dont seem to ever be eating it. I also give them egg shells and they love those. I threw some oyster shell in the yard with...
  13. Lisa-Lu

    Ducks Vs. Chickens?

    Now that we are old pro's in the chicken world (a little over a month in, ha!), we are considering expanding our flock sometime down the road. Chickens were our first step into small farming, and we are interested in ducks, goats, maybe even a cow or two. We have a fairly large pond on our...
  14. Lisa-Lu

    Sneezing and/or Coughing?

    This morning one of our hens started sneezing or coughing, being new I can't tell the difference between the two. She is eating fine and hasn't sneezed since. What do I need to watch out for to tell when its time to intervene? and at that point, what do I do?
  15. Lisa-Lu

    Scared to Free Range

    We've only had our chickens 5 days, but are planning to let them free range at some point, not for at least 2 weeks though. They already love their coop and turn in early every evening about 6:00 or so. The thought of letting them free range terrifies me, what if they wander off? what if they...
  16. Lisa-Lu

    Chickens + Snow + Ice = ??

    I had hoped that spring was well on its way, but we have another round of snow and freezing rain coming tomorrow night into Wed. 3-5 inches is the biggest forecast. We've only had our hens(5 months old) for 4 days, so I am greatly concerned for my girls. Their coop is completely enclosed, so...
  17. Lisa-Lu

    You know your chicken crazy when...

    I had one of these moments today and wanted to share it with people that would understand, lol. I was walking into work and someone littered and had thrown out a hamburger bun on the sidewalk and my VERY first thought was "hmmmm, the chickens would like that" LOL Any moments you'd like to...
  18. Lisa-Lu

    Stripped or shredded wing?

    Our smallest red link has some major problems with her wings. I didnt even notice it when we got them yesterday. Lesson learned, look the chickens over well. They look as if she has been mauled by something. I'm attaching pictures. Will the feathers grow back? Is there anything I can or...
  19. Lisa-Lu

    We have chickens! Pics Added!!

    We have been looking for chickens for weeks and within an hour this afternoon we found a farm, bought our ladies and were back home. We got 2 barred rocks and 2 red sex links. They are so pretty, about 4 months old. I dont have any good pics yet because it was getting late and we were rushed to...
  20. Lisa-Lu

    Our first/beginning coop

    For our first step into this adventure, we just bought this one from Tractor Supply: I hope it will work ok. There is mesh in the windows, locks on the doors, it has a nice back drawer for nesting box access, our 11 year old fits in it nicely!
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