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  1. pasuit

    Several breeds of chickens

    Silkies. Ameraucana. Silver lace wyndottes. A few easter eggers. Over hatched this spring. 405-274-8259. Call or message.
  2. pasuit

    Silkie has nose problems. Help

    Have a silkie that has a problem off and on with mucus build up that completely closes what I would call her nasal passages. I usually clean it with Vaseline to soften it and clean it and also treat her with duramycin10 but you have to take her to the vet now for a prescription. It's a bacterial...
  3. pasuit


    2ea Ameraucanas hens10mnths $25ea 2ea Silverlace wyndotte hens 10 mnths. $25 3ea Silkies roos10 mnths $20 1ea Black Australorp hen 18 mnths $25 Midwest city OK
  4. pasuit

    Solved how to post chickens for sale

    I've posted chickens for sale before but that was befor the website changed, can somebody give me step by step instructions? Since I got old what I Miss most is my mimd. LOL
  5. pasuit

    silver lace wyndott chicks.

    Have 5 due to hatch today. Only one is piping. Wish me luck.
  6. pasuit


    hatched 8 silkies on march 9th and they are doing great except for one which has wry neck syndrome. First time I've had this problem. Of course I looked on BYC and got the treatment for it. Miracle, thats the name of the chick, is doing geat now. In a few days she'll be able to go to the brooder...
  7. pasuit

    Cute silkie chicks.

    Just hatched 8 silkies on the 9th. I had them shipped and they had a hard ride. The box was damaged. I started with 12 eggs. First candled 3 weren't fertile so they were discarded. The others looked like they had been laying on their side in shipping and looked sad.I left them in the incubator...
  8. pasuit

    patsy suit

    i need a black or white or silkie roo and a few silkie pullets. may also need silkie chicks. willing to pay $3 and up depending on what it is.
  9. pasuit

    buy and sell link

    i can't find the link. I can't find the icon of the mountain.
  10. pasuit

    cuckoo marans

    I recently bought 10 cuckoo maran chicks from a feed store. They had ordered them from a hatchery. When I picked them up, they didn't have feathers on their feet. I just sold some French Cuckoo Marans I had raised from chicks and they had feathers on their feet. I questioned the Feed store...
  11. pasuit

    Want to buy chicks near midwest city or oklahoma city.

    I am wanting to buy between 10 to 20 French Cuckoo Moran chick pullets and 1 rooster.
  12. pasuit

    chicken lover

    I've raised several kinds of poultry on a farm in Oklahoma. I've recently moved back into town where I own a home on about a 3rd of an acre but I miss my chickens. I am getting a permit for them in town and one of the codes is I am to use the usual deoderizing spray to keep down the odor. I...
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