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  1. MckinneyTXBYC

    Got my first quails eggs!!!!!

    Today got 2 quails at once for my first quails eggs.
  2. MckinneyTXBYC

    First Egg!!!!

    Yours seems to have larger wattles and combs than our sex links, wonder if they can lay with smaller wattle and combs? our sex links were born the 1st week of march and should be close i hope soon.
  3. MckinneyTXBYC

    2nd egg looks different from our 1st egg.....same hens?

    We got our 1st egg 2 days ago and just got our 2nd egg this morning. Was wondering if it was from the same hen or not? the hen who gave our 1st was a red production far as we can tell. How can we tell who is giving what? i know the red production is a month older than the rest of our sex links...
  4. MckinneyTXBYC

    First Egg!!!!

    would you mind showing the pic of your bird that is laying? we have 3 red stars and one black star. The birds were hatched in early March. Their combs and wattles aren't big or red yet. I am just wondering what they look like when they start to lay. I just got my first egg today as well from my...
  5. MckinneyTXBYC

    First Egg on the 4th!!!!!

    What a nice 4th of July this has been, got our 1st egg from our Red Production Hen today. Found it laying on the ground of all places.
  6. MckinneyTXBYC

    When will my 20week old sex-links begin to lay eggs? do i need a laying box?

    Here is a picture of all our hens together i took today, as you can see some of our sex links are getting a red comb and wattle.
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