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    Where can I get help for this baby roo

    I have an 11 week old silkie roo with a beak deformed that showed up at 4 weeks old. He still eats a drinks but still has some down feathers where his other siblings do not I already have a rooster with a small flock of 8 and I am afriad our established roster will attact or kill him when he...
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    Silkies girl or boy ?

    We have two 8 week old white silkies we were sure that one was male and one female now it seems like they are both female. They are chest bumping and play fighting looks like they are fighting for top hen. Any advice would be helpful Baby 1 Baby 2
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    Is my little girl a boy ?

    I have a 7 week old silkie it is the smallest of the group and has developed a beak deformity in but still eats and drinks and acts perfectly normal still growing but it's much smaller then the rest of the babies we thought she was a girl because of how small she was but now it's starting to...
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