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    Sour/impacted crop not improving

    Ok y’all, need your help please. I have an 11 week old barnyard mix with something awful going on with her crop. 3 days ago, I noticed all the signs, lethargic, not her happy clucky self, and she was standing in an odd way. So I picked her up and her crop was huge! I’m talking like equal to the...
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    1.5 week old chick not feathering or growing

    Anybody?!?!?!? I got these chicks a week and a half ago at TSC. They are all roughly the same age, however, I have one that for some reason isn’t feathering out and isn’t growing much. She was smaller than the others when we brought her home and almost didn’t make it, but now she is happy...
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    4 adopted hens

    Hello all! So I bought a coop for my ever expanding flock and the owner threw in his 4 chickens. We already received one egg today and from what I can see they definitely need some additional calcium. Their feathers aren’t in super great condition either. So these girls will be getting lots of...
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    What breed are these? Tractor supply special

    I got 4 new chicks today. I’m thinking maybe they are Easter Eggers or olive Eggers? Honestly I have no idea, they were just in a bin of mixed “pullets”. Wondering if anyone can help me out on what breed they may be. I think the little one that’s yellow with grey strips isn’t gonna make it sadly
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    2 Barnevelder Chicks. Male or female?

    I purchased 2 Barnevelder chicks about 5 weeks ago on a limb (went to the feed store to buy food and walked out with 2 new babies. ) however, this is a breed I am excited about but know very little about. Upon coming home and doing some research I am now extremely excited but even more confused...
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    2 leghorns and 3 Easter Eggers hens or Cockrils?

    I have 2 white leghorns and 3 Easter Eggers. They are all about 17 weeks old. No crowing at this point so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. Of the 3 Easter Eggers I am pretty sure at least 2 or females, but the grey one I’m not certain.
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