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    do cats harm chickens??

    recently, a cat attacked my chickens, she killed one of them and injured a couple, Google has always said that cats are no danger to adult hens?? Yet, she attacked three! She was relatively large, too fat, but doesn't look pregnant, and I have always trusted Google so I kinda never tried driving...
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    Hen or roo?

    😟 it made a sound that was similar to a crow yesterday 😟😟😟😟😭
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    Injured chick! Help pls

    We think a chick hatched overnight and in the morning when picking them we found one chick like that
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    Injured chick!

    A chick hatched late at night I think when we found him next morning we saw him like that! Help
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    Baby chick so sick! Having seizures help!

    Hey, I have five chicks, the first one had some kind of illness I couldn't really figure the illness but it looks contagious but then my other chick started getting as sick at he was, we observed her poop and so she had a slightly bloody one then it changed to orange then it's now brown. Also...
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    Chick is having a seizure

    My chick is 13 days old, she's been always fine and way active but today she was kinda standing weirdly, I watched her for a while she fell on her side and starting moving her head frantically and couldn't stand up 😟 any idea what that is ?? It's the first time I have seen a chick doing this and...
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    Help ! Chick feeling sick!

    My chick was fine this morning but in one hour he suddenly started feeling sick, he's panting, he can walk but he feels like his legs are tired, kinda looks dizzy! 🥺 No idea what's wrong with him! I gave him some sugary water
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    Chick went missing

    So today our hen hatched another chick but it completely went missing, like in the morning there was some leftovers egg that was completely wiped clean in the inside and no sign of any baby chicks 🥺 no chirping or anything and we searched the whole place in case it's stuck somewhere nothing...
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    Hen is hatching eggs for the first time!

    So my hen is hatching eggs, but so far only one chick was hatched (one day ago) so the chicken won't forget them right? Like if they need help with breaking the egg or so she will get it figured out? I'm leaving her to do her thing but I was just wondering.
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    My rooster is bulking his own feathers!!

    I have a year old rooster who recently started bulking off his tail fathers, like removing it but he doesn't eat the feathers, is there a reason for that??? Please help
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    Runt chick trying to fly!!

    So for a while he was feeling alot of itchiness I checked for mites or bugs and he has none, so I guessed it was his new feathers. He used to have crooked toes so I have healing pads on for him, so flying is a bit difficult 🥺🙄 he keeps trying to fly and he does then he falls then keep trying...
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    Raising a runt chick. Help please.

    Our hen gave birth to three chicks, two of them hatched in time, one was delayed by some hours but he managed to hatch by himself, then we noticed that eventhough as a baby he was the healthiest, he was growing really slow, like the other chicks are a rooster and a hen, they are both ready to be...
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