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  1. DuckyGurl

    Duck eggs-Day 31-

    Hi All, I've got 2 WH duck eggs on day 31. Fertility was way down this Spring, had to toss 14 eggs after a week. Anyways, candled before lockdown and everything looked great. However, no rocking or pips or ANYTHING since then. That was almost a week ago. Temps were 99.5ish, bouncing a bit. Went...
  2. DuckyGurl

    How much to charge for ducks?

    Hope this is ok here? I ordered TSQ WH ducklings in April. I need to sell two drakes. How much should I charge? They cost $10 each as ducklings...and they are TSQ. Soo....what do you think?
  3. DuckyGurl

    pea gravel in the winter? And in general?

    Hi, I am thinking of putting pea gravel as the floor of my new coop. I will have a dog-house type shelter with bedding, but otherwise pea gravel all over. IS there an increased risk of bumblefoot? And how does it work in winter, when I can't hose it off? Thanks!
  4. DuckyGurl


    Since I know you can never have too many ducky you go! Silver WH & Black runner White Runners :) And what happens when one duckling gets sick of the basket.....notice the jumping one in the background! The oh-so-calm WH's! I was amazed by the personality...
  5. DuckyGurl

    Ducklings shipped!

    My ducklings from Holderread's have been shipped! So of course, I'm anxiously tracking them. They were checked in at the PO in Oregon at 5 yesterday. The USPS tracker says they should get here Friday! Isn't that too long?!?! I really hope they come tomorrow instead!
  6. DuckyGurl

    heat lamp?!?!

    Hi everyone! I'm going to be getting ducklings soon, and I'm wondering-are ceramic heaters & domes safer/more energy efficient? I'm concerned of the fire risk....or just get the regular standard white and metal dome?
  7. DuckyGurl

    Duck Coop? Cost?

    Hi everyone! So I am getting Welsh Harlequins this Spring, and I'm looking at coop ideas. I really like the hoop coop idea. I liked these plans: I got an estimate of $350-$375 for building it. That's labor &...
  8. DuckyGurl

    Pumpkin seeds to deworm dog?

    Hi all, Last year around this time we had a bout with worms with my mutt mix dog. She's two years old, and I think she's got them again. We got a dewormer from the vet. I've been researching, and I came across a site that said pumpkin seeds would take care of it. Anyone had experience using...
  9. DuckyGurl

    Rabbit with crusty, weepy eye?

    Hi, One of our rabbits has developed a weird "crust" around one of her eyes. It has been very very cold here, so when I tried to wipe it off it was all hardened and gross. Any suggestions? It looks like that "sleep" we get in eyes, just a lot more.
  10. DuckyGurl

    brooder size?

    Hi! I have ordered 7 WH's, 2 "surprise", and one runner duckling from Holderread's. A total of 10 ducklings, if there aren't any "packing peanuts" ;) How big of a brooder am I going to need for that many? Thanks!!
  11. DuckyGurl

    rabbit hutch-treated wood question!

    Hello! I'm looking at buying a super sweet rabbit hutch...but the person who is selling it thinks it is made with treated wood. Do you think I should take it? I mean....IDK. I don't want to risk my rabbit's health. So, what do ya'll think? Thanks!
  12. DuckyGurl

    ordering Welsh Harlequins from Holderreads!!!

    Hi everyone! I am sending in my order for Silver WH's from Holderreads today!! I'm so excited, I just had to share it with some ducky people! I also ordered a blue runner and two surprise duckies....I'm so excited! Anyone have pics of WH's from Holderreads? I'd love to see them!
  13. DuckyGurl

    how to put weight on rabbit?

    Hello all! I have a Holland Lop rabbit, sweetest, fluffiest thing ever. She's skinny. I can feel her ribs through her "fluff", and her spine quite easily. She is free-fed pellets, and gets a huge handful of clover/dandelion greens every morning. What else can I do?
  14. DuckyGurl

    Niacin or nutritional yeast??

    Hey all! So a friend told me that you don't need to add niacin to ducklings water, just sprinkle nut. yeast. How much should I put on their food? THanks sooo much! :)
  15. DuckyGurl

    Call ducklings-how to prep??

    Lots of questions! I have call ducklings set to hatch this weekend, and a duck is going to raise them. So, questions: How deep/wide can their water dish be? Chick starter? What kind to get? What about niacin? Where to get? When can they start swimming? I'm sure I'll have more questions, thanks...
  16. DuckyGurl

    Broody call duck dilemma....

    Hello! As you all might remember, I posted a while ago about my call drake beating up on one of my females...I separated them for a bit, then put them back together and ti seems to be going ok. I was really hoping she would go broody so I could separate her for longer. WEll, it is my black...
  17. DuckyGurl

    Magpie or Bibbed??

    Hello! As you may have seen from all of my duck health questions, I've recently bought a call duck. I'm just wondering if you would call her a black bibbed, or a magpie? She has white around her eyes, and a really cool eye-stripe, as well as the 'bib', but that's about it. I'll include a pic...
  18. DuckyGurl

    Drake hurting duck

    So I have a pair of calls. They have always gotten along great, last spring the male was a little rough but not bad. Well, this past month I introduced a new female, so its a trio. I've noticed him getting a bit more aggressive towards me, charging my boots and such, but not bad. And he's ALWAYS...
  19. DuckyGurl

    Call duck can't walk! Help!

    Hello all,' I have a year old magpie call duck that I bought at a swap about three weeks ago. She was doing great, getting along well with the other two, loves swimming, etc.Now today, she can't walk. She tries, and stumbles, then ends up on her side trying to get up. I can't pinpoint a certain...
  20. DuckyGurl

    Sick duck!! Help needed!

    I bought a call duck yesterday at a swap, and quarantined her in my garage for awhile to make sure she isn't sick. Well, I thought she was hissing at me earlier, but when I got her out of the cage her bill was wet-ish, but not all over. Just under her nostrils. And it looked like there was some...
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