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  1. Ginmary

    Help!!!!! Buff Orpington fractured leg

    At hospital. No feeling in lower leg/ foot. Even with surgery may not regain use. Hospital says $3000. To amputate I don’t know what to fo
  2. Ginmary

    Silkie egg yolk

    Do silkies tend to have larger yolks? I cracked an egg and the yolk was huge in relation to the amount of white and the shell it came out of. I'm going to hard-boil the next one to get a better idea of white vs yolk.
  3. Ginmary

    disinfecting feathers/ crafts using feathers please share

    I would like to use the pretty feathers my flock loses. What is the best way to disinfect them? Also, please share things you have made with your feathers. I know there has got to be some amazing things out there with all the talent on this group. Thanks
  4. Ginmary

    Hawk vs vulture: Any pix of them flying so I can see the difference?

    I think I mostly see vultures but they fly by so quick it's hard to tell. Do Hawkes ever fly in groups? Aren't they mostly solo payers unlike the vultures?
  5. Ginmary

    Anyone try to sound proof the coop?

    Like maybe putting cork up on the inside. My Serama roos start crowing at about 6-6:30am which means they will have to be brought into the house every night until I can rehome them.
  6. Ginmary

    Chickens and Salmonella

    Hypothetical: If someone contracts Salmonella, there's a good chance that it came from one of their chickens. Most likely from their poop since if they had it in their system showing symptoms it would be obvious and be treated. I assume if it is carried only in their poop it doesn't effect...
  7. Ginmary

    Is it OK for chickens to eat ice?

    If an ice cube drops they play soccer with it trying to eat it. If is a small piece they eat it with gusto.
  8. Ginmary

    Run size?

    I am on ebay trying to buy a run. My brain is fried right now and math is not an option. Can someone give me an estimate in length x width (not sq ft per chicken) for a run size for the following: 4 Seramas 2 Silkies 1 Buff Orpington 1 Ameraucana 1 roo will have to sleep in the house Also...
  9. Ginmary

    Sneaky Serama brooding - chicks available soon

    So, one of my house Seramas "disappeared" I finally found her and she is sitting on 10 eggs!!!!!! We had been away for several days so I am sure it was for at least 5 days (She also has a laying sister who I'm sure contributed to the stash. I don't have the heart to destroy the eggs which...
  10. Ginmary

    Any hens that never go broody?

    We got our chicks a year ago April. One BO, one Ameraucana, one silkie, and two Seramas. Every one of them has been broody at least 2 or 3 times. Except the Ameraucana. Millie has never been broody. She is also the most consistent egg layer. Is this normal for one hen to never go broody?
  11. Ginmary

    Serama Hen disappeared in a 16x 20 foot room.

    Looked all day for her in every nook and cranny. Went to church came back and my daughter and I kept looking. She was there roosting with everyone last night. Looked under every chair and in anything that could fit a hen. Then my daughter finally pointed to an old 1/2 gallon fish tank on the...
  12. Ginmary

    Silkie: Try your luck at a guess. I 100% KNOW the answer

    SO, I will post the answer in a day or so. In the meantime, are you team pink or team blue? Make a guess and a brief reason why you think that way (or just a gut feeling) The chick was hatched 3/12/19. I believe it might be a silkie mix, not sure. It does have 5 toes. Here's the chick when we...
  13. Ginmary


    One of my young Seramas (approx. 2 1/2 months) got stuck between the dog kennel and the wall. I think one of the big ones may have chased him in there. I found him stuck and when I unstuck him and got him out, I saw that his right eye is damaged. I can't tell if the eye is still there or not...
  14. Ginmary

    Spring and Fall thread clean-ups

    Suggestion: Twice a year we all go to our own threads and provide closure....updates, results etc. Like when someone asks for help sexing a chick and many people try to help and advise and then we never hear the end result on what the chick turned out to be. or a sick/injured chick, many...
  15. Ginmary

    Sussex poultry show 4/13. NJ

    Anyone going to the show? There’s going to be a Serama Table top show and the bantam chicken club is meeting there.
  16. Ginmary

    taking a sample for a DNA test - Silkie

    I want to get my 4 week old Silkie chick DNA tested. I previously had to rehome a Silkie roo who we were attached to. I want to catch this one as soon as possible. The DNA lab says to pluck 4-5 feathers or take a blood sample. Questions: Is the chick old enough to do this yet? It says the...
  17. Ginmary

    Broody hen started the pip

    I have a Serama hen that was sitting on 2 eggs. We had candled them and both seemed OK. These were the 2 that survived the "Egg massacre" (see corresponding thread) where my BO and Ameraucana attacked and ate 5 from under the brooding Serama hen. Saturday, the 2 eggs when candled seemed close...
  18. Ginmary

    Egg massacre

    we were away for 2 days. When we got back we found broken eggs on the floor and the hens eating them. These were unfertile eggs from the buff and ameracauna. from wherever they laid them. Then we went to check the 2 Seramas that were sitting on 8 eggs. They were about a week and a half from...
  19. Ginmary

    Best time to remove chicks from mom?

    I have my Serama hens sitting on 8 eggs. I will want to sell the chicks. When is the best tie to remove the chicks from the hens so that it is less traumatic?
  20. Ginmary

    Serama chicks available soon (central NJ)

    My Serama hens are sitting on 8 eggs (They're in the same nest sharing) 6 eggs look really good, we can see the chicks moving. They are scheduled to hatch in about a week and a half. The parents are in my avatar. They will be available for sale.
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