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  1. lane2800

    color genetics?

    i've checked a lot of sites, cant seem to figure out what happens when a pied male is crossed with an ib female. here is my issue, i have 2 eggs that came from a cameo silver pied peacock, the possible hens are purple pied, silver pied, and cameo. can i get cameo pied out of that if the hen...
  2. lane2800

    what color are they?

    can anyone help me with color? thanks in advance.
  3. lane2800


    my buckeye group produced this i know this is the wrong color, has anyone else ever had this happen? the only 3 birds in the pin are 2 buckeye hen and a buckeye rooster. all came from show quality stock.
  4. lane2800

    help with color

    i hatched these out, i was told the eggs came from a 13/16 green male and 100% green female. does that look like what they could be? they look completely different from the Indian blues that we have. here's the pic of them. thanks in advance for every ones help
  5. lane2800

    blue or silver pied?

    hi brought this little one home sunday the breeder couldn't tell me if it was a silver or blue pied, any ideas? thanks
  6. lane2800

    melanistic mutant ringnecks?

    i bought eggs at Topeka bird auction and were told they were melanistic mutant ring neck pheasants. out of 18 only 3 hatched I'm sure that was my fault as i kept the eggs a little to long before getting them in the incubator. out of the 3 one was almost completely black and the other 2 were...
  7. lane2800

    new pics of peachicks, growning fast :)

    i was hoping for some help with this one, i can't seem to find a pic of anything that looks right. it is only a week old now. i think the one behind it is a black shoulder not 100% on that one either. thanks in advance
  8. lane2800

    anyone know what he is?

    can anyone tell me what color this little one is going to be? he's only 2 weeks old and right now he is a pastel blue with peach lines in his face and down his back(not really sure its a him) thanks in advance
  9. lane2800

    what is she?

    hi, I'm new to the site and chickens in general. i have two of the sweetest hens and I'm trying to figure out what breed they are. i know they are half cuckoo maran, but I'm not sure what the other half is. here's the unusual part, the cuckoo maran lays a dark brown egg, these two girls are...
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