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  1. Chemguy

    "Surprise" bantam chicks from TSC Wellie, OEG or Dutch?

    Hi Everyone, Somehow, a broody hen + a trip to TSC got us 7 bantam chicks for $1 apiece today. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm what we've guessed for their breeds. To us, the group looks like 3 golden Sebrights and 4 Welsummers/OEG or Dutch. It's the chipmunks we can't figure out. All...
  2. Chemguy

    How to encourage roosting in the coop?

    I've a small flock of 4 BO and 4 BR, all hens, about 1 year of age. Until a few weeks ago, they all went in to the coop to roost at night, like clockwork. Once they were in, I'd go out and button down the coop until morning. A few weeks ago I had one hen, the dominant one, who decided she...
  3. Chemguy

    Account settings change

    Sorry if this has been posted previously. I noticed a couple of days ago (sorry, that's my best estimate) that the carousel wasn't displaying for me. I chalked it up to a glitch. Today I checked my account settings and saw that my account was set to not display the carousel. I didn't make this...
  4. Chemguy

    New tax form for online sellers

    Hi All. I came across an announcement of a new tax form, 1099-K, that is intended to be used for reports of online income. Before you panic, the specs are that you make more than $20,000 online AND conduct more than 200 transactions. Apparently, PayPal and Ebay are already issuing the form...
  5. Chemguy

    Nutri-Drench for poultry vs goat/sheep...different?

    I've a question about Nutri Drench for Poultry. My TSC carries very few chicken-related supplements, but does carry plenty of equine/goat/sheep supplements. I see that the ingredient list for both the sheep and goat mixes is: Calcium (Min) 0.4% Calcium (Max) 0.7% Selenium (min) 0.1 mg/ fl...
  6. Chemguy

    What do you LIKE about the new BYC?

    So, it's been about a day after the changeover. It might seem like a lot longer than that for the mods, so I figure that this is a good time to come together to say what it is that we like about the new BYC. Let's hear what you have to say!
  7. Chemguy

    Is hygrometer calibration an important issue?

    Hi all. I just posted to a thread that was looking for info on how to calibrate a hygrometer. ( Rather than hijack that thread, I thought I'd post new. Alienchick posted a really useful method for calibration, using salt and...
  8. Chemguy

    Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish Breeds?

    Good evening. I am interested in developing an idea of mine, and I need some input. Simply put, I'd like to work toward having a flock that consists of breeds from three countries of origin: Sweden, Norway and Finland. My idea is in the early stages, so I'm nowhere near ready to take action...
  9. Chemguy

    Egg-eating cannibal chickens

    Good Morning! I'm writing on behalf of good friends who have kept dual purpose chickens for several years as a source of eggs and meat. My friends have recently had a major problem with egg eating. As soon as an egg is laid, it is broken open and consumed. Mostly it is the yolk that is...
  10. Chemguy

    Is it time to open up the nest boxes?

    Hello! I've a small flock of BR and BO (4 each), and they're 14 weeks old. They've started developing wattles and combs, which seem to get redder every day. Whe I built their coop, I sealed off access to the nest boxes to prevent pooping, etc. It will be easy to 'unveil' the boxes. Given...
  11. Chemguy

    Change over to nonmedicated feed?

    Hi All, My 4-week old chicks have been on medicated starter since day 1. I've seen no sign of cocci, but my wallet is certainly getting a bit pale and droopy from trips to buy 5 lb., $5 bags of feed. I'd buy in larger quantities, but they just aren't available anywhere I can find. Now that...
  12. Chemguy

    "Coming of age" in the winter months

    Hi All, I have eight 1-week old chicks (4 BO, 4BR) who will be of egglaying age sometime in December or January. I'm in the Northern US, so it will be in the coldest part of winter that this will happen. I have no plans to light the coop artificially. Should I even expect eggs this winter...
  13. Chemguy

    Ideas wanted...enclosed run on a slope

    Hi All, I am wanting to build a fully enclosed run on a grade that slopes downward from the coop to which it will be attached. The total drop over the 25 foot length is about 2.5 feet. The top of the run will be covered with hardware cloth or welded wire. I would like to avoid having the top...
  14. Chemguy

    Are poutry watering nipples different?

    Hi All, I was at a feed store recently and saw a couple of different types of watering nipples. I almost jumped and bought them, until I realized that they were shelved with supplies for pigs and goats. They were stainless steel, and there was a steel 'stop' behind the lever that an animal...
  15. Chemguy

    No more cheap remnants at bix-box stores?

    Hi All. I'm writing to see if anyone else has noticed the same, and maybe even to alert those who might be in the same situation as I. I'm building a new (first) coop, and am trying to minimize costs as much as possible..... without risking safety, durability and stability. I have been...
  16. Chemguy

    What meds/aids should be kept on hand?

    Hi All. It seems to me that I should have a set of supplies on hand for my future flock, just as I have a set of human meds and supplies in my medicine cabinet, to use when they're needed. Which supplies and meds do you keep so that you can treat problems in your flock?
  17. Chemguy

    Coop location

    Good morning! We are building our first coop and have gathered the materials needed to frame the coop and enclosed run. Our next step is to decide on where to site the coop. It's here that we are having trouble deciding. Both locations are appropriate for a coop. One of us would like to have...
  18. Chemguy

    Want: Orpington hens, Springfield, Ohio

    I'm looking for a couple (or three) young adult Orpingtons to start my flock in Springfield, Ohio. Does anyone in the area have any available starting in mid June/early July?
  19. Chemguy

    First coop, question about grade for run.

    I just found out that having chickens is permitted in my area, so now I am ready to start planning. I have in mind a fixed coop (not a tractor) and a 10x10 enclosed run to protect from predators. I plan to start with 2-3 birds. I've identified a spot that is a mix of shade and sun, and some...
  20. Chemguy

    Clark county Ohio. Chickens OK?

    Hello, I'm in the beginning stages of my quest to keep chickens, and I thought it wise to see if I would actually be allowed to do so before breaking ground. For the life of me, I cannot find any information on ordinances related to keeping chickens. Can someone point me in a good direction...
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