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  1. wildriverswolf90

    Under The Moon ~§ the coming storm §~ a wolf RP

    In a dark forest in north America lived four packs of wolves. The land was perfect and plentiful. To the north lay rolling mountains dotted with rocky cliffs and waterfalls. Huge pines covered the hills in dappled shadows and snow stayed shimmering upon the higher cliffs. This domain...
  2. wildriverswolf90

    Deformed chick :( what do i do?

    This little guy hatched out yesterday he has a cross beak and didn't develop an eye on the left side, the skull looks sunken on the side like the socket never even formed. I know alot of you have exprience raising disabled birds, and I was just wondering what i can do to help this chick...
  3. wildriverswolf90

    Polk County Flock Swap, NC

    Come on out and see us Tables available if needed, bring chairs. Canopies set up for shade, and a hose for water Farm story carries drinks and snacks, but feel free to bring your own. Chickens, Rabbits, Ducks, Quails, Turkeys, and more. Crafters welcome too Polk county Flock Swap 9am-3pm...
  4. wildriverswolf90

    Elemental Animals RP: A war of Chaos and Peace. (Please Join) **Players Needed***

    -----On two islands, lives mythical, magical animals. These animals are known as elementals, and they can control the elements. For 100 years peace reigned over the land, the animals lived in harmony sharing the lands. But suddenly Tero, the king of south island died. In the sadness for the...
  5. wildriverswolf90

    What breed is rooster?

    This rooster was sold to me as a black copper Marans, but I'm having serious doubts, what is ya'lls opinions??
  6. wildriverswolf90

    Polk county, NC Flock swap

    Come out and enjoy the flock swap. At the mill spring agricultural center. Come by... sell, buy and trade, check out the farm store, with fresh bread, jams, produce and fresh meats. And come check out the meat tasting, local farmers, farm raised meats, and their best recipes. 156 school road...
  7. wildriverswolf90

    Looking for LF blue cochin breeder

    I am on the hunt for hatching eggs from LF blue cochin from show/breeder quality stock. It will be about a month or so before I can get eggs, but wanting to start searching now. Will need to be shipped. Thank you :)
  8. wildriverswolf90

    new to quail help with a couple questions :)

    As the title says I'm new to raising quail. I have 12 two week old coturnix quail chicks. 1) when can I put them in a play pen on the grass? With my chickens I start bringing them outside for 'playtime' when they are roughly 2 weeks old. 2) I have two five foot long by 18 inches wide by 14...
  9. wildriverswolf90

    couple questions about meal worms and how to farm them.... please help

    1) do I need to have a bin for all the separate stages? Or would just one container be enough? 2) the container i am gonna using is 27 inches long x 17 inches wide x 12 inches deep: is this to much space?? 3) could I keep them in the barn? The back part of my barn is shaded and is about 10...
  10. wildriverswolf90

    When can I tell if my turkey is a Tom or Hen???

    this little Bourbon red is about 2 Months old, are there any signs that I can look for to tell me weather its gonna be a boy or girl??
  11. wildriverswolf90

    The Castaways: a Survivors RP ~~**Players Needed**~~

    In a server thunderstorm a Voyage cruise is blow hundreds of miles off course. In turbulent seas the large boat has lost radio and electricity. With no way to steer and no way to send a signal for help, the boat sinks off the coast of a tropical Island. You struggle your way to beach, where you...
  12. wildriverswolf90

    The castaways RP ***open for discussions****(poll)

    I am wanting to a make a Castaway RP, would you like to join? I am not sure which way to go with it just yet, so I wanted to get Ya'll inputs. Basic plot: a cruise goes down off the coast of a remote island, the people most find fresh water, make shelter and find food, their will be...
  13. wildriverswolf90

    Does anyone know if you get 100ft-150ft field fencing??

    I have a small area on my property that I am wanting to fence in for my goat and pig so they are not stuck in the stall on nasty days when I can't take them over to the pasture. I know you can get field fence(cattle fence and non climb fence) in 330ft rolls, but I really don't want to spend 200$...
  14. wildriverswolf90

    Help!! I think my hen has Gleet. *graphic picture*

    I went to trim some excess fluff off of my orps butt, and found mites and what look like white balls attached to the base of the feathers. I tried to trim as many off as I could off. And dusted her heavily in DE. I remember reading someone where on here about a thing called gleet that lloks like...
  15. wildriverswolf90

    Survival in the Arctic. An Arctic wolf RP. ~* Players needed *~

    In the Arctic circle, off the northern coast of Canada, lies a small island, isolated from the world. This island is home to a small herd of Elk and Reindeer. But it is also home to an epic power struggle. Two wolf packs inhabit this island. Surrounded by hundreds of miles of water...
  16. wildriverswolf90

    how to raise californa/new zealand crosses?

    I am seriuosly considering getting into raising some meat rabbits. I used to breed little rabbits for pets, but with the shift in the economy, I can no longer sell them, and really am trying to switch over to more practical breed. I am considering the cali/zealand crosses, because they are easy...
  17. wildriverswolf90

    pallet fence??

    So I'm trying to find ways to save money on doing a goat fence, I'm only fencing in a 100ft area, as a home pasture/place to play when they can't go in the nieghbors pasture. Would wood pallets work to contain them? Has any one ever made a fence from pallets for their goats? Or any other animal...
  18. wildriverswolf90

    electric net goat fence

    Thinking about using 3ft. Electric net goat fence and wanted to know if anyone had any experience with keeping goats contained with it?? Also what kind of fence charger would be best? I'm only fencing in 160ft. A small run on my property, separate from my main field. Will this fence be suficent...
  19. wildriverswolf90

    meyer rainbow pullet assortment

    I am thinking of ordering the rainbow pullet assortment from meyer. I have never dealt with Meyer before and was wondering if anyone had ordered this assortment and if they got a good range of breeds. It doesn't exactly describe what breeds it includes, except the more popular ones. I am hoping...
  20. wildriverswolf90

    can you guess the gender of my Muscovy???

    He/she is a lavender pied cross and about 3-4 months old, some of the pics show my calls and a mallard drake for size comparison.
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