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  1. Phoenixxx

    Need help reworking my coop to be cooler

    You could also add large windows that open on either side for airflow.
  2. Phoenixxx

    What small breed of puppy do you recommend?

    I'm not a small dog person, but a childhood friend had a cocker spaniel and there's a cocker spaniel in my neighbourhood where I live now. Both very calm, but also playful dogs. I hear you about the rescue dog thing. I also had a bad experience and will never do it again. Raising a breed bred...
  3. Phoenixxx

    Chicken Breed Focus - Norwegian Jaerhon

    I found out about them when browsing a small farm's site. I live near the city, and the city folk are all wanting chickens but most can't have roosters. Since they are the bulk of my customer base, I want to focus on breeds that I think would do very well for the family with a small yard who...
  4. Phoenixxx

    Icelandic chickens question

    Hi, so I searched all the threads on Icelandics and there really aren't very many of them. I have two young Icelandic chicks and my question is regarding colouring. Now, I do know that the presence of red in most chicken breeds indicates that the youngster is a male. However, the red on my...
  5. Phoenixxx

    F1 OE, araucana over marans, having health issues?

    A very interesting perspective, thank you! I will take this under advisement :)
  6. Phoenixxx

    F1 OE, araucana over marans, having health issues?

    The problem is that only NPIP certified folk can ship eggs to Canada; I did notice that Ann had that certification. As far as shipping from LA to where I am, it would be faster and better then getting eggs from "that guy" in Alberta - at least Louisiana is close to my time zone (atlantic canada...
  7. Phoenixxx

    F1 OE, araucana over marans, having health issues?

    I just checked that lady's website, but it says she no longer sells hatching eggs. I'd like some more, but have no desire to deal with the fellow I got my other eggs from. He was OVER A YEAR in sending me replacements and I only got one chick out of 12 eggs! Unfortunately, he's probably the only...
  8. Phoenixxx

    F1 OE, araucana over marans, having health issues?

    Thanks for that link. I'm not having issues with any of the tufted chicks (they would automatically be heterozygous due to the one parent being a marans), only with the rumpless ones. As for the poor hatch rate, I have no clue what's responsible for that, although I suppose it could be (lack of)...
  9. Phoenixxx

    F1 OE, araucana over marans, having health issues?

    Hi everyone, So I ordered a whole bunch of eggs a year ago that were left to cook in a warehouse for a week, so I only got a handful of birds to hatch. Of the blue copper marans, I got one hen; of the araucana, I got a red and blue rooster. So, I thought, why don't I put them together for an F1...
  10. Phoenixxx

    coccidiosis won't go away

    I have found Molly's Herbals to be very effective on cocci and worms; with a serious bout of coccidiosis, though, treatment must be started immediately at the first sign, and use double the recommended dose. Yes, DO breed the birds that survive! However, what's equally - or even more -...
  11. Phoenixxx

    Water Belly or Ovarian Cyst? AND Internal Layer? GRAPHIC PICS

    Thanks :) I hate culling hens, and she had several years of eggs left inside of her even though she was already 4 or so :( Yes, I took pictures - only of the cyst, though. It flopped out when I opened the belly and separated itself from the connective tissue that it shared with the intestines...
  12. Phoenixxx

    Water Belly or Ovarian Cyst? AND Internal Layer? GRAPHIC PICS

    I know this thread is really old, but thanks for giving me a diagnosis with your pics etc! I just culled a hen today for the same symptoms and found a baseball-sized "water balloon" inside her. There was also some yellow fluid, so it seems she had ascites as well. What I observed during my...
  13. Phoenixxx

    Starting a second batch of eggs halfway through an existing hatch

    Hi, both Google and duck duck go gave me NO answers. Has anyone ever set eggs halfway through an existing hatch (say, about a week or two in)? I have 18 eggs I want to start today, but may be getting a dozen shipped in the next week or so. I'm thinking the spike in humidity (which I never let...
  14. Phoenixxx

    Review by 'Phoenixxx' in article 'Egg Eating, What are the Causes, And How to Prevent It'

    I have dealt with my share of egg-eaters. Most become dog food. Right now, I have two hens witnessed as eating eggs segregated from the main coop. Since being moved, both suspect hens have not left evidence of eating eggs, yet the main coop where they're from has now a higher production rate.
  15. Phoenixxx

    6 weeks and not walking anymore

    Chickens are omnivores, actually. And btw, commercial feed has zero animal protein so unless you're pasturing/free-ranging, your chickens are eating vegetarian. Greens only forces them to use their fat stores for energy, which allows them to lose weight so they can stand up again.
  16. Phoenixxx

    6 weeks and not walking anymore

    The problem with these birds is that they are bred to eat and eat and eat, then grow and grow and grow... The problem is, they can't stop eating as long as the food is available (the "I'm full" switch has been bred out of them) which leads to obesity. I can assure you that cutting off grains...
  17. Phoenixxx

    Rescued Broiler needs to lose some weight

    Same here - I rescued a lame hen from a friend who rescued her from someone else... She couldn't stand, never mind even move when I brought her home. 24 hrs water only, then greens and water only until she FLEW out of the bathtub a week later! She's long since started laying, and I hatched a...
  18. Phoenixxx

    6 weeks and not walking anymore

    Starvation diet, IMMEDIATELY. STOP feeding their grain-based feed (may as well do the whole tractor - if one went lame, more will follow!) Give ONLY water and forage (greens) until they are strong again. I have had this issue before raising these chicks, and this treatment works! Also, several...
  19. Phoenixxx

    Incubating Quail and Chickens together-can you do it?

    For the first few days i highly suggest an old towel or anything that provides grip. The first time i hatched quail i had them on newspaper. When i got up the next morning after hatch, 4 of the chicks had gotten splay legs and i spent the entire day doing physiotherapy and building leg shackles...
  20. Phoenixxx

    Incubating Quail and Chickens together-can you do it?

    Hi, rather than start a new thread i thought i'd jump on this one since it's still fairly new. What about setting the eggs at the same time? Quail should be done and out when chickens are due for lockdown plus - if i recall correctly - the quail eggs don't like the extra humidity at the end...
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