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  1. chickyrookie

    How many roosters are too many?

    Long story short...I learned how to incubate eggs and now I have too many roosters (I think). I have a 1.5-year-old Ameraucana rooster who is amazing. He is the boss of 3 adult hens. I recently bought 4 hens and hatched 8 chicks. Out of the 8 chicks, I KNOW at least 3 are roosters. Everyone...
  2. chickyrookie

    Huge temperature spike!?

    I am incubating chicks in my classroom and have been monitoring closely. I have 2 additional temperature gauges and hygrometers in bator. 4 of the 7 chicks hatched 1.5 days early. The other 3 chicks have showed no action since the last by 24 hours. I candled them and there is no movement...
  3. chickyrookie

    Trouble walking?

    My 1 day old Ameraucana chick is having trouble standing on legs. He had quite a traumatic experience hatching out of egg (shrink wrapped) and I had to assist. Once out, he looked like he was doing fine walking, eating, and drinking.' This morning I woke up to find him struggling to walk or...
  4. chickyrookie

    Chick can't walk

    Day old chick who could walk yesterday, can not walk this morning. Is trying so hard, but can't get off its butt. Had a bit of trauma getting out of shell yesterday, but was doing just fine when I went to bed. Now it just squirms on its behind and moves its legs like crazy, but can't get erect...
  5. chickyrookie

    Help! Bubbles from egg?

    My last egg is hatching and she seems to be struggling. Pipped at least 14 hours ago. Still trying to get out but looks like she might be drowning. Bubbles are coming out of egg and she is no longer peeping, but still alive. What to do!? I need to go to work. Please help
  6. chickyrookie

    How long in brooder?

    We bought our first set of 3 guinea hens from the local feed store and was wondering when they can go out in the coop area at night? There were not babies when we got them, but looked a couple weeks old. It's been 3 weeks since they've been with us. Can I put them out in the coop (separate coop...
  7. chickyrookie

    Egg position on Day 18?

    I've been reading all the articles on incubating eggs. Today marks DAY 18! It said, "lay the eggs on their sides and position the lowest part of the air cell at the top of the egg." Can someone give me an example of what the "lowest part of air cell" is? I don't want to interpret it wrong. This...
  8. chickyrookie

    Day 7...blood rings?

    This is my second attempt at incubating. Had the LG 9300 still air and lost my eggs due to high humidity (I think). I bought the 10300 with circulated air and bought a couple hygrometers, so I'm hoping for a better turn out. I put 18 eggs in bator, and candled them all today. One for sure was...
  9. chickyrookie

    When does Day 1 start?

    I'm hatching my first batch of chicken eggs and I'm freaking out because they're not hatching and it's day 22, or is it? Do you start day 1 as the day you "set" them? Or is Day one 24 hours later? If that's the case, I still have time, right?
  10. chickyrookie

    Day 22: No Pips :(

    This is my first time hatching, and it's been a headache. I bought a Little Farm 9300 incubator at yard sale and couldn't wait to use it. I've read hours and hours of "how-to" articles. I mostly struggled with calibrating temp and humidity, but have done everything else as by the book. It's...
  11. chickyrookie

    Help! Day 18 troubles...

    I been researching everywhere on how to increase the humidity of incubator. This is my first batch ever and I'm using Little Farm 9300. For the first 17 days, the humidity read 42 degrees most of the time. Now I added a drenched sponge near hole opening and I can only get it to read 46-48...
  12. chickyrookie

    Any incubator tips out there?

    I'm hatching my first batch of eggs. I put 13 in the incubator (2 not fertilized...removing today) and I'm using Little Giant still air incubator 9300. I am super insecure that I'm doing this right. The instructions said to set temp at 103.5, but that seemed super high and nothing I read out...
  13. chickyrookie

    New member, new chicken farmer

    I recently moved out of town on 5 acres and purchased 6 chicks from the local feed store. I lived in town my whole life, so this was very exciting for my boys and I. We watched them grow and couldn't wait until they started laying eggs. We purchased 2 Ameraucanas, 2 Wyndottes, 1 RIR, and 1...
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