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  1. tracysbantams

    Sick hen...question about keeping her inside.

    I have a hen that I am treating for respiratory problem and I am keeping her indoors. Does she need a light or is it warm enough for her without one? Thank you
  2. tracysbantams

    Japanese Bantams Books, Journals, and Articles from APA

    I have for sale a lot of Japanese Bantam book, Journals, and Articles. Two of the books in the picture are no longer available they have been sold. Everything listed below is still available. Book Japanese Bantams from Anna C. Banning-Vogelpoel Approximately 27 Journals of the Japanese...
  3. tracysbantams

    Are these Orpingtons?

    I recently got this pair. I am thinking Orpingtons but I am not sure. Thank you for your help! Tracy
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