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  1. GetClucking

    Need some advice(really don't want to cull)

    Hi everyone I'm looking for some help other than hearing "just put it in the stew pot" We are so close to our girls and boy. We have a 1 year old Rooster who seems to have gotten quite aggressive, we have raised him from a day old and he has been fine up until about 2 months ago. We have tried...
  2. GetClucking


    We have a little speckled Sussex who we found not walking, has a large gullet no signe of trauma, bugs or pecking she is responding to touch on her feet but no able to hold her body up and her neck droops. Can anyone help please Thanks in advance Fiona
  3. GetClucking

    Pullet or rooster

    i was thinking pullet but my wife says rooster can someone settle the score haha the loser is making dinner!
  4. GetClucking


    What does everyone give there little ones as a treat, or what is there favorite food?
  5. GetClucking

    Snuggling in 100 degrees

    Hello guys and gals. Hope everyone is doing good. okay so from day 1 we have always called our chicks the ninja chicks cause they are completely crazy.......hysterical, but completely crazy, they would find miraculous ways of escaping from there little coop when the were just baby's. Anyway so...
  6. GetClucking

    No feathers!

    Hi Our chicks are 10.5 weeks old and some of them are fully feathered and some have no feathers on their backs at all, it's mainly the Australorps and the Welsummers that have no feathers. We got some advice from the vet and she said to up the protein and vitamins but still no huge improvement...
  7. GetClucking

    White Sussex?

    Hello Wandering if anyone can help identify one of our girls. Out of our 76 chicks she is the only white one. We didn't order her and she is so much bigger than all the others. Guys and gals meet Dianna.
  8. GetClucking

    Goose help!

    Hello Wandering if someone can help us out. We have 5 gorgeous geese but we are not sure the breed and if they are male/female. This is our first time having geese so not sure at what to look for. We ordered African geese but we're not certain they are. I have a picture of what we think is our...
  9. GetClucking

    I'm taking a leap!

    Hi My name is Fiona and I am 100% new to chickens so I thought why the hell not just jump in deep and get a few! So I got myself 75 chicks.........yup! 20 Sussex, 20 Welsummer, 10 New Jersey giants 10 Americaunas and 15 Australorps oh and added 5 Geese to the mix as well. I am loving all...
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