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  1. shadewolfo10

    Introducing chicks to dogs

    I started to introduce my chicks to my dog when they were about 8 weeks old. First, I kept them in an inclosed run away from the dog, and every time he showed to much interest I would make a *shht* sound and tell him to 'leave it'. Then I slowly would let him spend more and more time with the...
  2. shadewolfo10

    Inside Chickens!

    Our chooks are allowed to run around all day in a 30 x 30 ft area... and they have a smaller 12x7 ft area too.. Maybe I am just being overly paranoid.
  3. shadewolfo10

    Inside Chickens!

    Yeah, I guess we could restrain them to their run and put a fan blowing into it... but then they would only have 12 sq ft per bird... I guess that will have to work during the summer! Thanks for all the help!
  4. shadewolfo10

    Inside Chickens!

    Yeah! We might try putting a fan outside, but since they have such a big area they would be able to run away from it... and Im guessing they will think its scary and run away or something. We will definitely give it a try tomorrow!! For the rest of today, I'll just keep them inside so they can...
  5. shadewolfo10

    Inside Chickens!

    The whole backyard area is covered in shade, and we give them fresh water twice a day and lots of watermelon, but we have had one die from the heat, and one almost die.
  6. shadewolfo10

    Inside Chickens!

    Have any ideas what I could do for the rest of the summer? My parents dont really fancy the idea of keeping chickens inside everyday..... We have tried wetting the ground, putting out frozen milk jugs, spraying the chickens, ice in their water/on the ground... but nothing seems to work! We are...
  7. shadewolfo10

    Inside Chickens!

    Here's a pic!!
  8. shadewolfo10

    Inside Chickens!

    Well, since it is in the 100s down here in Texas, I decided to take the chooks inside to cool off. I turned on the overhead fan, and placed another fan facing in their direction. They finally settled down on the dog bed and are still panting but it seems that it is just from stress, not the heat...
  9. shadewolfo10

    Over heating

    Forgot to add; her respiration rate is 36/30. And her comb is turning more and more purple -- I am guessing she isnt getting enough oxygen. Her respiration rate is now 30/30. And we are starting to give her electrolytes. We will give her one drop of Pedialyte to start with, we are not mixing...
  10. shadewolfo10

    Over heating

    1) What type of bird , age and weight (does the chicken seem or feel lighter or thinner than the others.) One year, golden sex-link, smaller than buff orpington but seems regular weight for size. 2) What is the behavior, exactly. Very lethargic, was laying down outside. Eyes closed unless she is...
  11. shadewolfo10

    New Silkie pullet or cockerel?

    Pretty girl you got there :]
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    Other Pets & Livestock Database

    Name: Fancy Rat Experience Needed: No experience, but research is beneficial. Origin: 18th or 19th century England Diet: Rat mix food with occasional fresh food. Also extra treats include 'yogi drops'! Temperament: Extremely social creatures. Need to have more than one. Males are said to...
  14. shadewolfo10

    dog breeds that will not chase chickens

    We just have a mutt that we got from the shelter! He is very obedient and loves to please people. If you are looking for a dog, I would look more for personality in any dog you find, rather than looking for a specific breed and getting a puppy. Shelters always have great dogs, and if you do...
  15. shadewolfo10

    introducing dogs to chickens.....any advice?

    It really depends on the dog! My dog has prey instinct if things run away, but he is also very submissive to humans and very willing to please. He wanted to chase my neighbors bigger chickens, but he was fine with my baby chickens because they were so little and didn't really run away. I also...
  16. shadewolfo10

    What are all your animals?

    1 dog - possible border collie mix? - male - Domino - he's an agility star! 1 cat - brown tabby shorthair - female - Gypsy - her meow sounds like a baby crying! 6 fish - bobcat, angel, red-eye, and 3 unnamed 7 chickens - 4 silkies - rain, owl, astrid, peeper the 3rd - 1 black australorp -...
  17. shadewolfo10

    Who else has experienced a terrible ratio with a straightrun . . . .

    Wow! Guess I was lucky! Got my first silkies, straight run, and only one is a rooster! Exactly what I wanted!
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