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  1. NRacine

    Can I treat for Coccidosis and worms at the same time?

    Thanks for the quick reply. I guess it's not a bad idea since I won't be able to eat the eggs anyway. We've looked for mites and haven't seen anything obvious, doesn't mean they're not there though. I did just investigate some poo and didn't see any worms. Poor girls, I just hope they make it.
  2. NRacine

    Can I treat for Coccidosis and worms at the same time?

    I had one hen die this week and another isn't looking so hot. The dead one was so skinny when we found her, it happened so fast that we didn't even notice her losing weight. We went around and squeezed the others and one is definitely too skinny. Aside form that, we haven't seen anything...
  3. NRacine

    Multiple Integrations

    Hi All! I posted a few weeks back that we were looking to add some chickies to our recently reduced flock of 2. I found a super nice lady who sold us two 12-week old Brahmas from a nice farm. Her granddaughter was small enough to get in the coop and grab them, we just said grab two that...
  4. NRacine

    Down to 2, get more or leave them be?

    We lost two of our four hens Friday to the heat. Poor girls :( They've been together for 4 years now, all raised from day olds at the same time. Now we are trying to decide if it would be best to let the two who are left live out their days together, or give them some buddies. We tried...
  5. NRacine

    whats a good laptop to buy

    I stayed home from work today to sign for delivery of my brand new HP Envy 14. I had been using an older iBook G4 until it finally kicked the bucket. I would have gotten another Apple product, but hubby works for HP now so we get a nice discount. I must say, I'm pretty pleased. The only...
  6. NRacine

    Question about chickens and dogs

    We have a pit bull and an American Bulldog and have never had a problem. They are always supervised when the hens are in the yard, of course. We also have two cats in the house, so maybe they are just used to having little buddies. Each dog is different and there's no guarantee that the dog...
  7. NRacine

    Odd Eatings

    My mom grew up as the youngest of 15 children. By the time she came around, my grandma cared much less about what the kids ate than when she could cont them all on one hand. My mom grew up eating some weird stuff, but my favorite was a sandwich of mayo and sugar on white bread. It's not much...
  8. NRacine

    Purple egg?

    We also get a green one from an EE. The perfect rainbow!
  9. NRacine

    Purple egg?

    We have a Cochin who lays pinkish-purple eggs. I think it's just from a heavy bloom coating as the last person said, but it's still awesome! (on the left)
  10. NRacine

    Pants is not invited to the party.

    This may be long, bare with me! We have 4 hens, they will be 2 in September. 2 EEs, 1 Wyandotte, and 1 Cochin. We though it would be fun to get 2 more chicks, so we built and extension on the coop, got 2 baby Wellies, and kept our fingers crossed. When the Wellies were old enough, we started...
  11. NRacine

    Fine, oily, tangly hair... Home remedies?

    I just had a bout with the oilies! The transition to summer is always tough on my hair. It gets so oily, I can't go more than 24 hours without washing it or it is disgusting. It got to the point where I'd wash it and it was still gross. Here's what I did: Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment...
  12. NRacine

    Forceful census takers? Anyone else being bagered?

    Maybe it's time to call someone above these people and put a stop to it. Obviously telling several different people what is happening is not working. When the next one comes, get their supervisor's number. Take some action.
  13. NRacine

    Kirby Vacuums ::::Another UPDATE >:(::::

    Time to take a walk to the police station? Or at least call the Better Business Bureau.
  14. NRacine

    Do you give your chickens a bath?

    I've put my girls in the laundry tub for baths before! It's...interesting. I try to do it on a warm sunny day so they dry out quickly. I use the mildest soap I have. Some of them hate it and get flighty, some just go with it. Be prepared for a mess just in case. Good luck!
  15. NRacine

    Anyone dye their eyelashes?

    I've never heard of this. My lashes are very blonde, but they hit my glasses so I can't wear mascara. This sounds like a good alternative. I'm going to look into it!
  16. NRacine

    what a rude jerk..

  17. NRacine

    The business end of a skunk...

    Quote: This works!!! I speak from experience. I think it must break down the chemical somehow. Really, it does. Our dog got sprayed bulls eye right in the face, it was the only thing that worked. We bathed him in this every day for a week. His skin got dry, but I stopped gagging. Good luck!
  18. NRacine

    bridal showers and weddings

    Quote: You know, food, music, beer, sometimes people you don't know...that's a wedding reception!
  19. NRacine

    bridal showers and weddings

    Quote: But isn't that what happens at the wedding?
  20. NRacine

    OH my GOODness!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna hyperventilate!!!!

    Congrats! DH is just finishing up his first month back after 4 months of unemployment. Oh, I know that feeling! But be careful, as soon as he starts he can't get unemployment anymore, so you're screwed until his first paycheck. For us it was a month's wait, so we are still catching up...
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