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  1. Stumpy

    Ascites caused by too much protein in laying pellets?

    Several months ago one of my FBCM hens, about 3 years old, developed Ascites. I extracted fluid a few times and then one day noticed that she had fly strike, so we ended her suffering that day. My remaining FBCM hen now has it and I am having a difficult time getting any fluid out. I have two...
  2. Stumpy

    Cream Legbar chicks in west Alabama or east Mississippi?

    Does anyone know of a breeder? I am not interested in breeding, just getting some nice blue eggs from healthy hens.
  3. Stumpy

    Valbazen dosage for tiny 8 oz. chicken?

    I am trying to help a friend who has the tiniest hen I've ever seen -- weighs 8 oz. She has been losing weight, becoming listless, etc. and does not have mites or lice, has never been wormed. I've read that Valbazen is considered very safe, but I want to be very careful. Can someone give me...
  4. Stumpy

    hen with swollen wattles -- need help with diagnosis

    One of my hens has very swollen wattles, but displays no other symptoms. Because all of my other chickens seem fine, I gave her some Benadryl last night. If the swelling has gone down, it is only slightly. I would appreciate any advice about this.
  5. Stumpy

    Egg-bound problem -- broken egg high up in chest -- need advice, please

    One of my hens went missing for over 24 hours, so I sadly assumed she had been attacked by a predator, but today she ran back into the yard while I was outside. I noticed over the next several minutes that she did a large liquid poop and squatted a few times without expelling anything. I began...
  6. Stumpy

    Tip of beak broken off

    I have a young rooster about 6.5 months old. I noticed a couple of days ago that the top of his beak has been broken off a little bit. Should I try to shorten his lower beak to match? If so, what would be the best way to do this?
  7. Stumpy

    Dog attack this a.m. -- need advice ASAP

    One of my young hens was attacked this morning by my own small dog. I feel horrible about this and want to do what I can for the hen. There is almost no skin on her back. Is it foolish to try to save her or should I put her down? Any advice would be appreciated!
  8. Stumpy

    grasshopper catcher

    This is an article about a man who built a great grasshopper catcher for his chickens and turkeys. Great idea!
  9. Stumpy

    The Old West Rooster Cogburn Red Lobster pallet coop

    A few months ago someone on the forum asked me to share photos of a western-style coop I was working on. I was unable to find the post, so I thought I'd post it here and hope she finds it.
  10. Stumpy

    Computer/software experts, please help or advise me

    I am absolutely baffled by an internet problem we are having. We have satellite internet, wi-fi, with a fairly new modem. Because we don't have cable or satellite television, we rely on the internet for watching local weather, etc. A few days ago we became unable to do this because our two...
  11. Stumpy

    Chick Feeder Flower "Box"

    I am finally putting the finishing touches on my little rolling coop and thought I'd share my flower "box."
  12. Stumpy

    Star Trek fans?

    Have you seen today's Google? I'm not a fan myself, but the logo is so cute, especially Spock!
  13. Stumpy

    Can't find emoticons!

    I'm sure it should be obvious, but I can't find the emoticons button. I only have a smiley button on the task bar. Would some kind soul point it out to me?
  14. Stumpy

    Where can the good J clip crimpers/pliers be purchased?

    I have searched and searched, but can't find a source. We've been working with a terrible pair from Tractor Supply -- the only they had -- and they're shot. I've read that there is a padded pair available.
  15. Stumpy

    Chicks not eating

    I brought home two Australorp chicks today, about three days old. I have never had chickens before, so this is all new to me and I hope I am just being overly concerned. I immediately put them into their brooder, with chick starter, water, lamp and thermometer. That was five hours ago and...
  16. Stumpy

    Newbie with pop door construction question

    My husband and I are building a very small coop like the Nags Head coop, which is built on a rolling cart. We are also building a run which will not be permanently attached because we want to be able to move both around to fresh grass. We live in the woods with lots of predators, so my...
  17. Stumpy

    "The Natural History of the Chicken" airs tonight

    on some PBS stations. It should be interesting.
  18. Stumpy

    I'm MP3 player-challenged, and I need help, please

    I'm sure there are some techies here who can advise me. I have a Toshiba Gigabeat MP3 player that I received as a gift a couple of years ago. I've never had another MP3 player and I've been pleased with this one, but I just discovered something very disappointing. After downloading some...
  19. Stumpy

    This local ad gave me a little chuckle

    Ducks, $15.00 each; pullets, $8.00 each; laying hens, $20.00 each; roosters, free, if you can catch them.
  20. Stumpy

    Interesting reading from depression era

    This may have been posted here before, but for those who haven't seen it, I thought some might find it interesting reading. Scroll down to almost halfway to read about a method for feeding chickens during the winter to encourage egg-laying.
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