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  1. BarnChick

    Baby chick hatchery ordering

    i know that there is a hatchery that does a "clean-out" ordering batch. But i can't remember which hatchery it is. If anyone has a clue, please let me know. I really want to order this.
  2. BarnChick

    Meaties 2 weeks, some blood in poo

    Is this a cause for concern. They are two weeks old and they have been eating and pooing fine so far. They've been kept in a brooder that I clean out twice a day. Last night, gave them egg yolk mashed with water to make it a slurry. They are on medicated chick feed. Anybody have any thoughts.
  3. BarnChick

    I am a Rooster, but what kind?

    Hello. I know that this is a roo, cause I got it out of the roo bin, but not sure what kind it is.
  4. BarnChick

    Bad eye on 5 week old chick

    I need some help. My little baby has a bum eye. They were fine the last few days and now I just noticed this. Here is a picture, can anyone help me out. I saw here open it and know the eye is still there, not been pecked out, it had some fluid that drained out but she wont open it. Also, the...
  5. BarnChick

    North Idaho and Eastern Washington Poultry Swap

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I am announcing a meet and swap! When: June 25, 10-7 Where: Maine St. Spirit Lake, ID Why: Because I want to meet people who are as crazy about poultry as me! To Bring: Anything poultry related that you want to sell, swap or show off. I will have lots of area as well...
  6. BarnChick

    Starter Chick Feed

    Ok, I am due to get my chicks tomorrow. They are about 5 weeks old. I know I need to feed chick start. But does it matter between Elenbaas or Nutrena? Any help appreciated.
  7. BarnChick

    chickens with goats

    Hope this is the right posting area. I want to get a goat or two, will they be okay in with chickens, or keep separated?
  8. BarnChick

    To vaccinate or not.

    The hatchery I want to order chicks from opts for me to have the Marek vaccination or not. What should I do?
  9. BarnChick

    Laying hens or close to

    I would like to purchase from someone in Yakima, WA area, 2 hens that are laying or close to it. Can anyone help me out here? THanks
  10. BarnChick


    I am looking for an inexpensive, very small incubator. Only looking to do less than 10 eggs each turn. If you have one or know where I can get one, would love to know. Thanks
  11. BarnChick

    Northern Idaho Peeps

    Hey All!! Wonderful day to you. I would really like to meet up with a group of fellow BYCers in the far northern reaches of Idaho. Mostly around the Spirit Lake, Blanchard, Athol, Rathdrum. Hayden, CDA, Sandpoint or other surrounding areas would be welcome as well. I'd like to set something up...
  12. BarnChick

    Chickens with Turkeys

    is it ok to raise chickens in the same pen as turkeys? Pros and cons?
  13. BarnChick

    breeding chickens

    What is the better way to go. Buying new chicks from hatcheries to get pure breeds or is it okay to have a rooster of one breed and let it go with hens of other breeds and let the hens raise them. We are only raising these for eggs, not for show or anything. thanks
  14. BarnChick

    Do I really need a full on coop?

    I am just starting out in the chicken raising trend and have very limited space. My landlord at the house I rent has ok'd me to have a few chickens. He's so nice that he even offered up the supplies to fence them and a roosting box with six slots. He's awesome. So my question is, do I really...
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