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  1. Emily77

    Moving with roosters

    Hi all! I'm looking at buying a home in the spring. I have 27 birds, 3 of which are roosters. How do I find out if a prospective place is zoned for roosters? Who/where do I check with? Will I need to check a place I'm interested in myself, or is this information that would be included in...
  2. Emily77


    My flock of (5 weeks old) 15 chicks and 3 ducks, plus 3 littler 3 week old chicks...I noticed a couple of the older ones sneezing today, got a little more concerned when I felt a wetness spray on me with one sneeze. They’ve been out in their heated coop with access to their not-heated run for...
  3. Emily77

    Duck pond filter?

    Hi! New to ducks, the 3 ducklings I have are my first ever. They’re 3.5 weeks old, 1 buff Orpington and 2 chocolate runners. I started giving them “pool parties” in the bathtub recently, in water deep enough for them to swim and submerge completely if they want, but also shallow enough they...
  4. Emily77

    Duck pond with chickens

    Hi...not sure if I should have posted this here or in the chickens forums...anyway. I *just* finished building a duck add-on to our outdoor chicken run. It’s just a tiny enclosed pond off the side of the original chicken run so the ducks can do their duck thing and not make such a mess of the...
  5. Emily77

    Adding younger chicks?

    I have 15 chicks all 3 weeks old, was thinking of adding a couple of black australorps. Brand new australorp chicks will be available in a couple of days - will they integrate alright being 3 weeks younger? Or do they need to be separate or supervised or something.
  6. Emily77

    Waterers for chicks and ducklings

    Hi! I’m pretty new here. I have 15 chicks and 3 ducklings, all hatched mid-March. The water situation is a mess. I’ve been using pint mason jar waterers, and a supplemental bowl big enough for the ducks to get their heads wet. The bowl is off to the side, sort of off the beaten path so they...
  7. Emily77

    New to backyard!

    Hi everyone :) I copy/pasted the sample questionnaire here. (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? -Kind of? My dad had chickens when I was a kid, I was around them summers til I was 8. Moved in with current boyfriend last year, he’s had chickens for years. Last bunch...
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