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  1. RobinZ

    Turkey Stomping

    My 3 month old BBW, took after my dog tonight. Fluffed up, tail spread and stomping at him. I thought for sure the turkey was a hen. Do hens stomp when threatened?
  2. RobinZ

    Turkey VIrgin

    I am a newbie to raising turkeys, I have (2) one month old BB Whites. I put them out in their coop this week(still leaving heat light on at night). I think one might be a Tom, it is def bigger and getting really big red bumps under his neck, the other not so much. My question is, we have been...
  3. RobinZ

    Chicken Picking

    I just got rid of my rooster. Now all the suddened hens have bald spots. Haven't caught who's doing it. Does this have anything to do with getting rid of the rooster?
  4. RobinZ

    One Huge Egg

    Here's a pic to contrast the egg production today in my coop. The big one, 3.5 oz egg layed by a RIR, the little one 1.5oz from a SLW(I think)pullet.
  5. RobinZ

    My roosters are sleeping together

    I have 2 roosters, one a black australorp and one a SLW, both are about 16 weeks old, raised together. They sleep together in the same nesting box. BA started crowing several wks ago but has now stopped. Is this norma? Have to say they look kinda cute squished into the that nexting box, lol.
  6. RobinZ

    Window Ideas???

    Our little Coop is almost done, Anyone have ideas for a door window that won't look awful? Any pics would be helpful.
  7. RobinZ

    Black Australorp roo nd SLW hen

    I'm sure it's been asked, but what type of chicks and egg production results from this cross? I couldn't find it under search.
  8. RobinZ

    Any guess what breed my "meat chicken" might be?

    Bought this meat chicken from the feed mill, he's around 10-11 wks old. He's the smallest chicken of the bunch. Not my idea of a meat chicken. Any guess what he might be?
  9. RobinZ

    New Addition

    My hubby is working on the newest additon. Converting a 6x8 mini barn, darn chicken math anyway. Still need to put in the vents and run. One side will be for a couple of turkeys and the otherside, who knows, lol. Any suggestions?
  10. RobinZ

    cantaloupe rinds

    My new flock of chicks love cantaloupe but they eat everything including the rind. Will the rind hurt them? My old flock never ate the outside rind.
  11. RobinZ


    My babies are growing, 5 weeks old today. Any guesses? (The middle one is not a SLW).
  12. RobinZ

    My four magpies

    A pic of my magpies. The first 3 are Silver Laced Wyandottes, the 4th is supposed to be a meat chicken. Any guess if they are boys or girls? They are going on 4 weeks old.
  13. RobinZ

    DANG chicken math, or Keep me away from the feed store!

    Trip to the feed mill this Saturday, came home w 4 Light Brahma's. I know nothing about this breed. Here's two of the angels for you to tell me if they are girls/boys. I think they are 3-4 weeks old.
  14. RobinZ

    Okay, what kind of chick do I have?

    Bought this chick at the feed mill, supposed to be a meat chicken. If so what kind? Behind it is supposed to be one of 3 silver laced wyandottes I bought at the same time. Chicks are about 3 weeks old.
  15. RobinZ

    4 week old Jersey Giants

    I have two JG "pullets", or do I? They are very different looking. Bought them from the feed store as pullets. What do you all think?
  16. RobinZ

    Just about done, finally!

    All but done except for finishing the inside walls with plywood sheating, chicks have moved in and are loving it.
  17. RobinZ

    Our Mini Barn Coop (pic heavy)

    We have been working on our mini barn coop conversion all week, still not finished, I admire all who have started one from scratch, it's alot of work.
  18. RobinZ

    Sleeping Angels

    My 12 angels sound asleep. Not a real good pic, but they are getting impossibe to sneak up on, lol.
  19. RobinZ

    Need Help with Mini Barn Coop

    Well, we are getting back into the chicken business. I have a 8x10 Mini barn coming next week, I wanted a coop I can walk in to. It is a low side barn with one window in the back. I will add a couple of small peak vents on the ends but not sure how to get more light and ventilation into the...
  20. RobinZ

    Araucana/Americauna or EE???

    Got 4 chicks at the feed store, they were getting rid of chicks. They said they are Araucanas, since I know nothing of the breed what do you all think? One thing I know they are cute as can be and love attention.
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