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  1. Nicole01

    Tips for mealworm farming?

    This is my first go at it and I wonder if anyone has any tips? I currently have them in a 20 gal glass tank as the plastic bins were molding at the bottom after a few days. I stir it up daily to keep the air flow and I have no cover. In feeding fresh wheat bran, fresh rolled oats and...
  2. Nicole01

    Top hen mounting other hens like she's a rooster... Is this normal?

    My oldest Easter Egger hen, which is my top hen is mounting the group she grew up with like a rooster. She leaves the others alone. This just started about 2 weeks ago. She is grabbing the neck and then actually doing the rooster mating motion. Is this normal behavior? When I do see it...
  3. Nicole01

    My 2 holland lop bucks!

    Here are my daughters bunnies. They each have their own and take full responsibility for them and do an outstanding job! These boys even get 1/2 the day play time in the kitchen with a made up obstacle course. For anyone that knows male bunnies, they know that they have raging hormones...
  4. Nicole01

    Tips for mealworm farming?

    I just ordered 250 mealworms in hopes of staring my own mealworm farm. I will have wheat bran, carrots, potatoes and apples for food. I've never done this before and my husband is not very happy with me about having worms in the house. I'm hoping to create a ton of worms for my flock! I saw...
  5. Nicole01

    Bite wound leaking green

    My light brahma is healing extremely well for what's happened, but the one side has a small crack that's leaking a thin green liquid. I do know that green means infection, but she's in 500mg penicillin daily and taking it very well. I've tried antibiotic ointment, but that doesn't stay on long...
  6. Nicole01

    Coyote attack update, the hen that survived!

    My light brahma, the biggest hen in the flock is doing very well! I'm giving her fish flex twice a day on a piece of bread and its working well! The holes in her side are scabbed, leaking the infection(which is good) and covered in blue-kote. I was not able to separate her without stressing...
  7. Nicole01

    How would you get rid of coyotes?

    It's evident I have coyotes after my flock. There's more then one coyotes also and they are hunting during morning/midday/dusk. Last week they took 2 and injured one hen very badly. I'm surprised my hen is still alive and I'm doing everything I can to save her. Yesterday late morning about...
  8. Nicole01

    Will my hen live??? Coyote attack.. Graphic photo

    A few days ago my flock was attacked by what I know now a pack or pair of coyotes. There were two other missing and we found the remains of 1 in our yard eaten. There was a wing, intestine and eggshell left. I saw the coyote poop with coyote fur and berry seeds inside with a wild turkey...
  9. Nicole01

    I lost my absolute favorite hen today.

    Blueberry my splash Ameraucana was taken by a predator today. She was the absolute sweetest hen and would even go up to the neighbors to be pet. I will surely miss her. I can't imagine I'll ever have a hen as literally as sweet as her. She was extremely friendly from the day she hatched...
  10. Nicole01

    Homemade deodorant... It's the bomb!

    Store deodorant does not at all work for me. I have lovely extra bacteria growing under my arms which is genetic, my kids have it too. I've tried the salt rock by crystal, which works okay, but I still perspire. I found this recipe online, but I don't follow the exact directions. The recipe...
  11. Nicole01

    Show us your eggs. :)

    I love eggs! I love egg photos. Please post pictures of your eggs. Here are mine
  12. Nicole01

    Anyone use vines for shading on the run?

    Im wondering if anyone uses vines as natural shading for their run? I have a side panel, but it still is very hot. Im not sure if the vines would restrict the air flow and act like a furnace? We planted trees, but they will take forever to grow. Natural shade is so much better then the...
  13. Nicole01

    Whole oats in nearby store! Woot!

    If you have a fleet farm store nearby they sell whole oats by sprout! My flock really gobbles those oats like they've never eaten before! This is much easier then trying to find a mill. Now if i can find wheat, I'd be set! Finding a mill that sells oats/wheat is very difficult. I was buying...
  14. Nicole01

    Is this normal?

    My flock and my neighbors flock will sometimes all mingle together either in her yard or ours. Never once had they gotten into a fight and they love foraging together. We have a lot of bugs here too. So many bugs, their feed ends up in the compost pile after a while. My flock won't go inside...
  15. Nicole01

    Not eating much feed... Flock of 12

    I have 12 in my group right now free ranging. I noticed this year they really are not eating much feed at all. Not only that, I'm worried my feed will spoil. It is in a dry air tight feeder and it looks fine so far. I can't remember how long ago the feed has been in the feeder, maybe 1.5-2...
  16. Nicole01

    Sexing Ameraucana's

    I hope I'm right on the sex of these Ameraucana's. They came from a gorgeous blue egg. 1. I think this is a female, but not 100% sure. It's a blue wheaten and has a white tail like the other females and is the same size as the other females. Her blue feathers are not as dark as the male. I...
  17. Nicole01

    Does the feed/farm store ever mix up and sell you the wrong breed?

    I really wanted a buff Orpington very badly in my flock. The farm store had a new shipment and I let my daughter pick it out since they all looked healthy and the same. I noticed as she feathered, she was growing white and red feathers. I ended up with a beautiful red sex link. I was over...
  18. Nicole01

    Silkie help please

    What do you think Apple may be. A pullet or cockerel? I got Apple early March and I believe s/he was already 1-2 weeks old already, which makes her around 4 months old. Apple had wing feathers to the tail when brought home. Here's 2 photos I took today. :) Thank you :)
  19. Nicole01

    What's wrong with my silkie?

    I have a buff silkie I bought early March. Ever since I brought it home it does a weird neck thing. It looks sorta like when you do a wave with your arm over and over. I've never seen anything like this before. Is it normal for silkies to have neck issues? I should try and take a video of...
  20. Nicole01

    Removable roosts!

    I came up with an idea to have removable roosts for easier cleaning. I had my husband install big metal brackets on each side and slide the 2x4 right it. They are super sturdy and all I need to do is lift up the 2x4. I have several roosts in the coop as well as the run. The roosts do...
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