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  1. Luckytaz

    The incubator I just built

    Strader, Very nice job on the incubator. But you should know, a while back someone posted a warning about rough service bulbs. They are coated with Teflon and it gases off fumes that are toxic to chickens.
  2. Luckytaz

    The Buckeye Thread

    Mine start 20 to 24 weeks.
  3. Luckytaz

    Rose Comb RI White

    Duane Urch has them. His phone number is 507-451-6782 call between 7 & 9 p.m. He's in Owatonna Mn.
  4. Luckytaz

    The Buckeye Thread

    cgmccary, This post is right on. I agree with you completly.
  5. Luckytaz

    Wisconsinites- Heat the coop or not?!

    No you don't need to heat your coop. What I use for water, is a metal base heater purchased at Fleet Farm. Each of my coops has one. In past years I would replace the frozen water a couple times a day. Glad I don't have that anymore.
  6. Luckytaz


    Aussiegal318, You don't need heat in your coop, unless you have young chicks. The only heat I use is for water.
  7. Luckytaz

    The Buckeye Thread

    What magazine? I didn't see the name.
  8. Luckytaz

    does anyone use paper shred dings in their coop?

    I use wood shavings, but add shredded paper because I've got it. Shredded paper alone would be very messy.
  9. Luckytaz

    The Wyandotte Thread

    You could contact Duane Urch. I think he's judging there, and he has whites. 507-451-6782 call between 7:00p.m. and 9:00p.m. central time.
  10. Luckytaz

    Australorps breed Thread

    Cochins, were one of the foundation stock in most of our dual purpose breeds. I'm seeing cushions in some of my buckeyes too.
  11. Luckytaz

    How late is 'too late' to let a hen go broody?

    Take the eggs, this is way to late unless you were in the South or have a fully heated coop.
  12. Luckytaz

    Thinking about winter (ugh!) and water heaters....

    The most trouble free I've used, is a metal base heater. They have a factory set thermostat only turns on when needed. They cost around $40 dollars but last for years. Here in Minnesota we have alot -0 temps and with these I don't worry.
  13. Luckytaz

    The Buckeye Thread

    That is a cockerel.
  14. Luckytaz

    Late season broody hens

    Mark, By potential they're talking about maximum size. Their is some truth to this.
  15. Luckytaz

    CSU - Chicken State University- Large Fowl SOP

    I take it to mean large body, small legs.
  16. Luckytaz

    Anyone else from UK?

    Welcome, from Minnesota.
  17. Luckytaz

    Which type chicken fly the most

    The best flyers I've owened, were Hamburgs.
  18. Luckytaz

    Cold Weather Hardy Birds

    Are you planning getting chicks or adult birds? How many do you plan on having?
  19. Luckytaz

    Cold Weather Hardy Birds

    Welcome to the forum, Many breeds do well in Minnesota. My personal favorites are Buckeyes. Where are you located?
  20. Luckytaz


    Welcome, from Minnesota.
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