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  1. shailey


    This will probably be long because I'm desperate for answers, this has been going on for 56 days. (started September 24.) I've tried to post about this multiple times but the thread itself dies out and I end up getting no-where. Please note a few things if you have ANY info on this!! This is NOT...
  2. shailey


    This will probably be long because I'm desperate for answers, this has been going on for an entire month. (started September 24.) I've tried to post about this multiple times but the thread itself dies out and I end up getting no-where. Please note a few things if you have ANY info on this...
  3. shailey

    CRD or something else at play?

    **not an emergency** On September 18th, one of my three-year-old hens unexpectedly passed away. She had absolutely no symptoms, just woke up to let them out, and found her dead. I ruled her death out to be asphyxiation. She was discolored (purple/blue) and had fluid seeping from her mouth. I've...
  4. shailey


    I have reason to believe one of my 3 year old hens is currently dying. Her comb is purple, she's gasping, she's resting her beak on the floor, etc. I'm considering possible injury? She was laying just before this, perfectly fine, and then she jumped down and stumbled out of the coop. She had bad...
  5. shailey


    I've been going back and forth about this.. but I'm just gonna bite the bullet and try to get the opinions of others. My life has a tendency to go wrong all at once. I woke up unsuspectingly to a dead bird, strange. Poor baby died of asphyxiation, I took her out and buried her right away. Then I...
  6. shailey

    Sleepy birds ?

    I'm just wondering.. is it normal for an adult hen to fall asleep in my lap? Whist I was holding one of my sweeter hens (she came to me on her own) she started drifting off. Now, I'm no stranger to my birds perching on me but it always worries me when they end up falling asleep on the way, she...
  7. shailey


    What would be the best overall dewormer for geese & ducks? I have 5 adult geese and 8 adult ducks that live together and I'd like to get them all wormed, but I'm having trouble finding something that would be safe for them. Any info is appreciated!
  8. shailey

    Reluctant geese ??

    I've had my geese for about three years now, and have never had this issue before. I'm not sure if I'm just being way over paranoid or if there might be something to this, haha. Lately, my geese, who've gone in willingly for so long now are suddenly not wanting to. I'm still able to herd them in...
  9. shailey

    Blind chicken?

    So, I'm not entirely sure what's up with my hen. I was sitting with them like always, she seems fine, she's energetic as always and healthy, but her left eye is grey, instead of the usual firey-amber. It doesn't seem to bother her at all but I doubt its normal, let me know what this might be...
  10. shailey

    Starving goose

    I currently have 2 geese in quite bad condition, I had originally had 3, one has unfortunately passed on. One of the geese (Big goose) is eating, drinking, and standing but he's very wobbly and slow. He's currently sectioned off in a coop with the other goose, whom I can't identify. He's not...
  11. shailey

    Coyote attacked 2 year old hen.

    A coyote recently attacked my flock, effectively killed off 8 of my birds and injuring 2. One of them is my 2-year old hen, she has two seemingly bad wounds on her right side above her wing on her back, one smaller one ((looks like a scratch)) is under the left wing. She was attacked on the...
  12. shailey

    Swollen wattles?

    my rooster who has always been extremely small and really thin, has swollen wattles and what looks to be a bruised face. He’s acting fine, eating, drinking, running around and eating bugs, and his face isn’t swollen, but his wattles are. He’s not couging wheezing, or sleeping, he’s always been...
  13. shailey


    my one year old hen has worms! I was noticing my girl was acting a little strange, not coming into the yard as much, losing weight, so I decided to watch her for a bit. Once she had pooped, i noticed a white worm wiggling around in her poo. Any suggestions for dewormers?
  14. shailey


    my 2 year old hen seems to be dying. She is pooping brigt yellow poop, and will not get up. She sleeps all day and isn’t laying anymore. Please help.
  15. shailey

    Possibly broken leg?

    We have a chick about two weeks of age, who seems to have a vary deformed leg. We cant tell if its a slipped tendon, or if its deformed, or just flat out broken. He’s not screaming, he’s walking, eating, drinking, and he seems fine other then his leg. I can incule picutes to help, but is there...
  16. shailey


    I have a two day old little chick with messed up legs. We had put him in braces for a day and one of his legs is straight but the other isn't and he screams every time he touch it, he now has stopped eating and drinking and is sneezing. Is he going to die? Is there anything we can do to help...
  17. shailey

    Sick hen??

    I noticed my one year old hen has gotten pretty light, shes been lighter for a few mouths.. and she also has a flopped over chrest.. she is still vary active and moving fine with the rest of her flock. is she okay or is this some type of disease?
  18. shailey

    Goose not ooening wings and losing feathers

    I noticed my one year old female brown chinese goose not opening her wings to fly off with the rest of her flock like usual. Shes missing feathers on her chest, and back, and shes pretty thin. She did just get over the habit of sitting on some duck eggs, could this be a deficiency of some kind?
  19. shailey

    Minor Injury or something worst?

    so, yesterday i noticed my 2 year old hen limping badly. Today it still hasnt gotten any better. Whilst shes still getting around, she is a pretty big girl, about the size of my year old rooster Zeus. I dont see any cuts, swelling, or deformity. Could my rooster have been a little rough on her...
  20. shailey


    So, I have a flock of 18 guineas one of them seems to have a back deformity and it's worrying me, she just has a hunch back, could this be something else? She's also smaller then the rest
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