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  1. hvnsnt3388

    prolapsed testicle??

    I have a rooster that has something , ooks like a testicle, hanging from his vent...... its crusted with poo but i can clearly see if is round and pink. I dont think i can push it back in....what can i do for him? He is a 2 year old buff/blacktailed japanese favorite rooster! I...
  2. hvnsnt3388

    wry neck?

    Well, I have a fully feathered birchen juvenile rooster I just bought 14 days ago. 3 days ago he woke up with his neck twisted down and between his legs. I contacted the seller for help and she suggested wry neck. Said to tRy poly vi sol. I couldn't find poly but I had some vital sol for...
  3. hvnsnt3388

    wry neck?

    Well, I have a fully feathered birchen juvenile rooster I just bought 14 days ago. 3 days ago he woke up with his neck twisted down and between his legs. I contacted the seller for help and she suggested wry neck. Said to tRy poly vi sol. I couldn't find poly but I had some vital sol for...
  4. hvnsnt3388

    peafowl worming schedule?

    I have horses and we worm for certain worms during certain times of the year with certain wormers. I have searched and cannot find a definitive worming schedule for peafowl/pheasants. There seems to be alot of different discussion on what, when and how but nothing set forth to answer all at...
  5. hvnsnt3388

    skinny peachicks

    6/20 I had 3 peachicks hatch. They are doing great living in the garden tub! But, I think I have started a bad habit. I taught them to eat by dipping my fingers in water and then into their food to make it stick to my fingers while making mommy pea noises. Yeah, I know, picture that! Well...
  6. hvnsnt3388

    can red goldens being sexed as early as? ????

    I couldn'thelp myself! I bought 3 month old red pheasant chicks today. I have read on several sights, with different information. One sight says that you should see a slight reddish color in males and that their eyes will start out blue, slowly turn green and then to yellow, while females...
  7. hvnsnt3388

    need help now! hatching problem!

    As expected, my peahen's clutch of eggs started hatching today. Unfortunately, they started hatching while I was at work. When I got home I checked on her nest and there were 4 hatchlings. 3 were dead and one barely hanging on. 3 were under her and one off to the side of her. there are...
  8. hvnsnt3388

    Need advice concerning setting and introducing new peafowl

    Ok...I have 2 pens with peafowl. One pen has a mature female and a mature male. The female has been setting on eggs for 10 days now. My other pen has 2 mature females (both actively laying eggs) and 2 immature males in it. My mature purple blackshoulder is, how do I put this, really...
  9. hvnsnt3388

    peahen laying issues

    I am having some issues with my peahens laying eggs. First, I have a blackshoulder and purple blackshoulder hens in with 2 immature males. They are just turning a year old, so we know eggs will not be fertile. They are both laying an eggs every other day of so. Second, I have 2 hens in...
  10. hvnsnt3388

    are peahens like chicken hens??

    Im not sure how to ask this. do peahens have an egg production system like chickens? I.e., like a constant supply of eggs that will be laid regardless of the presence of a peacock? I have 2 hens in with a peacock and I have gotten 2 eggs in the nest. That was a month agao. I haven't seen...
  11. hvnsnt3388

    found a peafowl egg....on top of the wire brooder box, what to do??

    This adternoon I found our first egg of the season on top of my wire brooder pen. There is no scratched out nest on the ground. What do I do with the egg? Should I scratch out a nest to encourage her to use it? I read on the UPA page that an old tire can be used for a nest box.
  12. hvnsnt3388

    blue eyed (seeing eyes) peahen

    I inheritated a trio of adult peafowl today. I believe one hen to be IB, the peacock to be IB split white or pied and the other hen is half IB type and halfl white with blue seeing eyes. My novice guess is pied, whatcha think? No history on their parentage.
  13. hvnsnt3388

    Any suggestions on introducing goslings to adult trio?

    I have 4 toulouse goslings that will need to be introduced to the flock. The trio is 3 brown chinese, 1 male, 2 female. I have introduced goslings before but they were they same type and no adult male. I would love any advise, suggestions, warnings that anybody would have for me to make this...
  14. hvnsnt3388

    peahen not eating, shaking head and making strange neck movements

    Before I decided to post this question, I have searched and have not found a post that gives me any ideas. My peahen is just picking at her feed. She is always the first to the door to see what treats are on the menu for the day when I head out to feed. Yesterday, she did not meet me at the...
  15. hvnsnt3388

    I need help with determing color of peahen!!

    I cant post pictures, dial up. I have a peahen that i thought was a cameo. I saw one at a breeders the other day and she doesnt look like that. The cameo i saw had a lot ore creme/tan per feather. My peahen white with each feather being outlined with creme/tan on the outer edges and the...
  16. hvnsnt3388

    mandarin coop size

    We hd really bad weather the other day and lost our intended pen. It was 10x12x8. We he salvaged some of the materials and built a coop that is 4x8x4 covered with tin. It has a nesting box area that is 4x2.5x4. Will this work? We copied the coop tht is pictured on the call duck page.
  17. hvnsnt3388

    Mandarin Drake

    I have been looking for about 8 months for a pair of Mandarin. The other day, I found ONE! The individual who had him did not have a female for him but I bought him anyway in hopes that his other breeding pair may have a clutch in the next few months. He's been home for 2 days now and he is...
  18. hvnsnt3388

    Results of color matings there anyone that can direct me to a website that can tell me the percentages of certain color matings? I've been offered a free white peacock and was wondering what results I would get if he sucessfully bred with a blackshoulder and a cameo peahen. And even that info may not be...
  19. hvnsnt3388

    Peacocks and chickens, can they be cooped together?

    I just read on the pheasant site that pheasants and chickens should not be kept together because of disease transfer. Is this true for peacocks also? Do they also need to be kept at least 100 feet away from each other and all cross contamination protocol when feeding and handling?????
  20. hvnsnt3388

    Sexing juveniles

    I have 2 peafowl that are about 10 months old. They look very very similar. Is there a way to generally tell a male from a female? I think I have 2 males. Their necks are almost completely blue and someone told me that if the green turns more blue then they are males. They also seem to have...
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