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  1. Medodge

    Soft shelled

    I’ll preface this with I’m new to chickens. I have 7 chicks from April. Now pullets. 4 Cuckoo Marans and 3 GLW. I believe all are laying. Though one Wyandotte seems to be laying all soft shelled. And perhaps two in one day. Has anyone heard of that.
  2. Medodge

    Amazing unique egg

    So I have two breeds Wyandottes and Cuckoo Marans. This amazing egg was in the box today. They are all young layers so who knows.
  3. Medodge


    I purchased 3 “Gold Laced” Wyandotte’s from a hatchery 4/6/2020 (22 weeks). Day old pullets. After much research I’m wondering if I have two GLW and one Black Laced Red Wyandotte (which I didn’t know existed until researching color variations). What are y’all’s thoughts?
  4. Medodge

    Wyandotte or Cuckoo egg

    So we got our first egg today!!! We have 3 GLW that are 22 weeks old and 4 Cuckoos that are 20 weeks old. Which breed do you think?
  5. Medodge

    Barring, double barring

    I’m really enjoying learning all things chicken. My medical background makes me really curious about specific genetics. Is there anyone out there who has the time to explain (and post pics, I’m a visual learner) of the reasons and examples of double barring vs single barring. Thank you so much
  6. Medodge

    If you wanted a “pink” layer what breed and why?

    Just hoping for your thoughts on which breed and why you would choose if you were coloring your basket. All replies are appreciated
  7. Medodge

    10 week old GLW pullet or cockerel

    We have three 10 week old GLW. This one is beautiful but different than her sisters. They are hatchery chicks. She is not dominant and runs from the 8week old chicks still. She often carries her tail high. That was my first concern. I’m learning so Please teach me.
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