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  1. ngamtnman

    Meaties will be here in the morning!

    Well, after a 2 1/2 month wait, the meaties will finally be here in the morning. The hot Georgia heat is finally letting up some. I've got the brooder pen fired up and ready; food and water is already out. This is my first batch of Cornish x I've ever done. I have done regular birds before and...
  2. ngamtnman

    Do I need to start Cornish Xs with medicated fed?

    Well I ordered my first batch of Cornish Xs from Meyer, they're not due to arrive until around September 8th so they will be ready to process when all my other regular breeds are ready to process. Any way, I was reading on Meyer's site and they recommend starting the Cornish Xs out on medicated...
  3. ngamtnman

    Hello from North Ga!

    Hello everyone! I finally decided to register and start posting. I have been a "lurker" for over a year now, and I have learned so much from everyone here! I got my first flock towards the end of April 2010; I started out with 15 Brown Leghorns. I either had really bad luck or some one had...
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