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  1. emmalynn

    Emalinfarm Silkies Sebastopols And Oegbs

    Will have to wait to add more pictures once I get home. We raise bearded silkies in black, blue, splash, buff, and white. Have chicks in partridge and porcelain as well as eggs hatching in all of the above colors as well as lavendar. No eggs sold. Chicks and started birds occasionally...
  2. emmalynn

    Emmalynns Member Page

    We raise bearded silkies in a buff, partridge, porcelain, lavendar, BBS and white. Our farm also has Nubian goats, Boer goats, LGDs, Arabian horses, Sebastopol geese and OEGBs in wheaten, blue wheaten and spangled. Eggs, chicks, goslings and kids are available throughout the season. LGDs may be...
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