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  1. Mzyla

    Lgd History

    Dog of the Mountains These dogs take their name from the mountain range in southwestern Europe where they long have been used as guardians of the flocks. In the United States they are called Great Pyrenees. In the United Kingdom and on the continent of Europe, they are known as the Pyrenean...
  2. Mzyla

    Mzylas Member Page

    My HOME and ANIMAL KINGDOM Living Upstate NY with Husband, about two dozen mixed chickens, 2 LaManchas baby goats, 1 duck, 2 geese, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 2 rabbits. Very lucky to be working from home and being able to keep an eye on my Animal Kingdom and making sure that none of our residents is...
  3. Mzyla

    Double Dew

    Double Dew Double Rear Dew Claw it’s a “Trademark” of Great Pyrenees dogs. Pyrenees were bred to roam vast terrains with steep slopes and guard the flocks. Double dew claw is used as a "thumb" when climbing the rocks and mountains, giving dog’s better stability. Double dew claws are mandated...
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