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  1. BlueBetween

    Look who I found watching my hens today...

    a coopers hawk. can these birds really take down a chicken? it didn't seem all that big - a little bigger than a robin maybe, smaller than a flicker woodpecker....
  2. BlueBetween

    My new from scraps tractor

    all we had to buy was the wheels and roof panel and then we bought handles just to get it done, but the rest is left-overs from the main coop. I love that it fits between my raised beds. I love that it's in two parts - one transportation unit, one docking station. I don't love that it turned...
  3. BlueBetween

    my new waterer!

    Parts: It works great! Just had to bonk the poor chicken's beaks on the water nipple and they picked it right up We are making a smaller one to put inside the coop too.
  4. BlueBetween

    My favorite coop has plans for sale (Country Living Magazine coop)

    I love this coop - it's one of the inspirations for mine, with the storage built in and all, though theirs is so much more elegant than mine turned out. I was surprised to find it in Country Living magazine this month and if you follow the pages to the end, there is a link to purchase the plans...
  5. BlueBetween

    Chicken Tractor Questions

    OK, the coop is done, and the girls want some fresh grass and bugs. So I'm thinking about tractor designs and I have some total newbie questions: 1.) Do you put wire on the bottom of the tractor? A wire floor? 2.) How do you get the girls from coop to tractor? I envision walking with them to...
  6. BlueBetween

    Pecking Order?

    Our girls have been sleeping out in their coop now since Sunday (yay!!) and they are such good little chickens - they put themselves to bed before dark and get all settled in, so much easier than my boy (human) ever was or even still is... but we noticed that they line up in the exact same order...
  7. BlueBetween

    Does anyone have poop boards in a very small coop?

    I would love to hear if it works for you, or see photos. My coop is 4X4 and my poop board is big and I'm afraid they won't have any room to jump off and land properly. Here's what I've got going on. Thanks!
  8. BlueBetween

    Help us Vote To get a Playground for our Kids?

    Hi there! This has nothing to do with chickens, so I thought I'd put it here - I'd like to ask if you would help us vote in the Pepsi challenge to help us get our kids a playground! We are at number 8 and need to stay in the top 10 for the next two days in order to win... Our school is an...
  9. BlueBetween

    rats in the compost bin!

    About a month after I started putting the wood shavings and baby chicken poop in the compost bin, I've suspected rats - or some animal - was pulling some of the wood shavings out of the compost bin and spreading it around on the ground. At first I thought maybe my son had "missed" when dumping...
  10. BlueBetween

    Crazy Pile of Chickens

    what is wrong with my girls? Last night, all four of them, trying to squish together on the little platform I made for their water and food - they spilled their food twice. squawking away because they can't all fit. They won't use the perfectly lovely roost I made them.... so I took their food...
  11. BlueBetween

    Move out day! Heat/light lamp or no?

    Hi there, today is the big day! I'm just wondering... with lows in the 40's at night... do the girls need a light or heat light out in their new coop? They've been spending days out side for a few days now (60 degrees or so), and inside at night... what do you think? Thanks! I should probably...
  12. BlueBetween

    Backyard Foraging Options

    Can we chat about this? I'm trying to wrap my mind around what is the best thing to do. The way I see it, I have the following options for my 4 chicks, 1/4+ acre fenced in backyard, with a big old dog, eagles and hawks flying overhead, but with lots of mature trees, shrubs and hiding places. I...
  13. BlueBetween

    They sold me the wrong food - no grit!

    Hello Peeps! New here, my chicks (pullets!) are almost 7 weeks old now and I had to buy a second bag of feed... and for some reason I ended up with the kind without grit... the last bag had grit mixed in... SO, now what do I do? Buy grit and mix it in with their food? Or put out a pan of grit...
  14. BlueBetween

    My ALL(!!) done city coop - the girls have moved in!

    We've been working on this thing for 6 weekends now - I was really hoping we would be done by today, but I guess I have chickens in my living room for another week. It's ok, they are nice, though dusty. Here it is, only 3 more doors to make - the service doors which will have windows in them...
  15. BlueBetween

    New From Edmonds

    Hi everyone, I thought it was time to introduce myself. This site and all of your posts has been so helpful as we've gotten started. The girls are 6 weeks old now and the coop is almost done (6 more doors, a couple of roosts and a ramp left!) and then we will work on fencing in the outside run...
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